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    Default Cliffs/CN Split stay...can we use the lounge?

    OK, so I am sure that in the huge pool of Couples knowledge here this question has already been answered, but I cannot find that answer, so here goes...

    We are heading to Negril in June for our honeymoon. We are spending the first 3 nights there on the cliffs and then heading to CN for 6 nights. Our question is that, although our TA has booked us a private transfer to the cliffs, are we still allowed to use the Couples lounge at the airport to freshen up, change, grab a cold drink?

    I know this is a bit of a stretch since all the Couples fans here seem to be ferocious supporters of Couples, but we wanted to experience the cliffs as well.

    Thoughts about the lounge use if you are not headed right to Couples?

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    I seriously doubt it

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    You know tuaennoc, I do think that may be one question that hasn't been asked here on the board.Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. BUT I have done many trips where we first spent 3 or 4 nights on the cliffs before heading to CSA. Never thought about stopping at the Couples lounge. I"m always in such a rush to get to Negril that I make a quick trip into the public restroom,find our driver and head on out!
    And even though Im one of those"ferocious" supporters of Couples I do also LOVE staying on the cliffs.(but I"m ready for CSA after 3 or 4 days) If this is your firs time on the cliffs your in for a treat!

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    You will not be on the list to check in at the lounge which they have to arrange your transport to a couples resort
    so again I don't think so. Maybe if you showed them your reservation for the balance of your stay at CN?
    I would email Couples directly about this.

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    No, you can't.
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    Thanks for the replies...I guess that we could just change real quick in the public restrooms and get on our way, but it was worth asking. This is our first time to all of it...Negril, cliffs, and Couples. We are going for our honeymoon and doing the split stay to experience all that we can.

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    We did last year two nites on the cliffs before our 13th trip to CSA for 9 nites. I went to the lounge was greeted, let them know what my itenrary they welcomed me gaves a few drinks used the restrooms then went on our way with our private driver.

    Couples lounge is more than welcoming to the Couples family.
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    Ok, I am curious, what are you changing? If it is traveling clothes from a cold climate to a warm climate, then I would just dress in layers so can peel things off. For instance, I would wear a sun dress with a wrap or little shrug, that way I can take it off on the plane and be comfortable for the trip to the resort.
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    When you arrive at the Couples Lounge they will have to check to see if you are listed on the daily ledger to ride the shuttle to CN. As you are not I doubt you will be served there. You are not really a Couples guest at that time. They may let you use the bathroom to change into your shorts and flip flops for the bus trip. Any Red Stripes you received after that would be subject to the good will of the staff.

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    Thanks for the replies all!!! Right now we are in the 'getting closer/getting more excited" phase and it is difficult not to dream. Thinking about things right now, we love the idea of having a welcoming seems very nice. At some points, it seems like we will be missing out on part of the Couples experience by not having it. Then at other times, it becomes very obvious that we will not be missing out on anything that really matters...we are going to have a wonderful time no matter what! haha

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