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    Default Irie Irie sandals

    Three or so years ago, my husband bought some flip flop sandals at the CSA gift shop. They are GREAT sandals - his favorites - and they've worn out. They are canvas strapped and canvas-coated bottoms (where the sole of your foot rests) and they say "Irie irie" on them. I've tried every possible Google combination and description and cannot determine that these sandals are available anywhere. Can someone tell me if they've seen them elsewhere or let me know who the vendor is that the resort buys from?

    A caveat - on our last visit, at the airport, we saw some shoes that also said Irie Irie on them in the airport stores. These were not at all the same type of sandal, so I don't know if the company changed its design or if, as is likely, "irie" appears on a lot of things in Jamaica.

    Any help would be appreciated - I'd love to be able to obtain replacements.

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    This is the search I did for images:

    "Irie Irie sandals"

    Maybe you will see an image of the shoes.
    It's really kingrhollo !!!!!!!!!!

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