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    Default ? about bathrooms at CN

    My boyfriend and I have been to CSS twice and to CTI once, when it was still COR and we loved both these resorts. We were thinking that it might be time to try the other side of the island next winter, and we are thinking about CN. The pictures I have seen on the website and from other people have looked wonderful and "islandy" and I love the room decor. The only thing that slightly worries me is that I have read some reviews on TA that complain about the lack of pane windows in the bathrooms. Specifically, in that the shutters let in a lot of mosquitos and bugs at night. Is this true? I have thoroughly given up on trying to control my curly hair in Jamaica, so humidity in the bathrooms doesnt bother me anymore, but I think it might become annoying if we wake up wth dozens of mosquito bites. Any advice out there? Is it really that big a problem or are these just people nitpicking?

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    We were at CN in April. It's true that the windows in the bathroom are covered by shutters. I can't remember if we left them open other than when we were showering. I'm pretty sure we closed them at night because we had the air conditioner running. Regardless we had no difficulty with mosquitos in the room or when we were outside at night.

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    Mosquitos aren't a problem. We've stayed at CN 13 times and have never woken up with mosquito bites. While I've gotten bitten by a few sand fleas on the beach in the early morning, I don't recall ever being bitten by a mosquito in Jamaica.
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    We leave our sliding glass door open and don't have mosquito problems, so the shutters in the bathroom are nothing. Just people who like to complain.

    I actually like the shutters as it helps to eliminate the humidity from the showers.

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    Default Shutters in Bathrooms at CN not an issue

    We have never had a problem with the shutters over the window in the bathrooms at CN letting bugs of any kind in. The only thing to be aware of is that people walking by can hear you pretty clearly if you are talking or whatever in the bathroom. Or at least we can hear other people when we are walking right by their window so assume we can be heard. No big deal really. The steam builds up so bad in the bathrooms, that having the shutters helps so would rather have them than not.

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    I have never woken up with a mosquito in bed with me.

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    Never had an issue with the mosquitos in the room. And because of the window in the bathroom you can still hear the tree frogs at night which are wonderful.

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    No worries. Everything is wonderful at CN. You have nothing to worry about. Go and enjoy you will love it, I gaurantee it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDYJMJM View Post
    I have never woken up with a mosquito in bed with me.
    Maybe a couple Hummingbirds on the night stand, never a mosquito though.

    We never had a problem with the shutters letting in bugs. I liked having them open when showering i could look out at the palm trees.

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    Mosquitoes are allergic to shutters, apparently. We never had a bug problem and we left the shutters open most of the time.

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    I know that there must be mosquitos at CN but I have honestly never seen one. Either that or I have had too much liquid sunshine during the day to notice. Either way, never been bothered and we kinda like the shutters in the bathroom. They are high enough that no one can see in, and definatly lets the steam out.

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    Most of the research information I have come across dealing with mosquitos in Jamaica varies each month. From what I can gather the mosquito season runs from April thru October.

    While we have been in the main pool and even in the hot tubs late at night we have never been bothered. But I should point out we were there in early April and there is usually a nice warm tropical breeze drifting thru.

    We have traveled about Jamaica and taken river trips upstream and the mosquito issue was never a problem.

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    Skin So Soft or other bug repellants are available if it is of a concern to you.


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    There are mosquitos at CN and they were in our room with us just about every day. They were either coming in through the sliding glass door when opened and/or the shutters in the bathroom. Most people may not have had a problem, but we did. While we did not have a problem waking up with bites, we did get bitten several times while in our room. What we began to realize half way through our stay was that housekeeping will leave your front door propped open a bit so they don't have to keep letting themselves in. They will also leave your sliding glass door open to the patio or balcony to sweep the debris from your room. We believe this is when most of the bugs came in. And yes, they were mosquitos. We saw them with our own eyes, the same as when we slapped them off to kill them. Killed a few on the walls too actually.

    We leave our sliding glass door open and don't have mosquito problems, so the shutters in the bathroom are nothing. Just people who like to complain.This is a ridiculous blanket statement. You have no idea what we dealt with our entire week of our honeymoon. Was it minor? Yes, it was....for us that is. Could it be more of a problem for others? Yes, most definitely.

    MONA, you have a legitimate concern.

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    I say BITE the skitoes before they bite you.

    Either that or drink more rum. Skitoes hate rum.

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    Been to CNG twice......never noticed any mosquitos. I'm sure they were there, but we were not bothered by them. Saw a couple of ants.

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    Thank you for all your reviews. (It's always nice to wake up next a Hummingbird).....I'm hoping we are so lucky as to get to go ANYWHERE on vacation next winter (we both work for automotive in Detroit) and I think we are going to give Negril a try this year. ChipandEm, I take your review just as seriously, and the one thing that makes me feel a little safer is that mosquitoes don't seem to like me that much. I guess I'm not that sweet. My bfriend may have a problem though.

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    We never had a problem with any bugs at CN in December in building #1 or even CSA in August. We do not leave the balcony doors open or the bathroom window so no problem but didn't notice any bugs anyway. Really depends on the rainfall I think.
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    They had a small can of something that you can burn like a candle that ran the skitters away. But only used that once. Normally we pretty much closed the shutters unless we were taking a shower and kept the AC on. Wife got some bites but guessing sand fleas as they were on her ankles and feet. Of course were were there Jun 28-Jul 2, 2009

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    we have never had a mosquito problem either, but we did have a baby lizard in the room once. no big deal just caught it and let it out

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