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    I was just wondering what is new at CTI this year. I have heard rumors about a bowling alley? Anything else?

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    Bowling alley? No signs of that

    The hotel had a complete redo 3 years ago.
    What is new since the redo is a new launch boat and some work on the end of the pier to get people to the Island. Also they are in the process of renovating the garden suites. Looks like those suites will be special rooms!

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    Hmm, I had heard they were going to be adding a 5 story tall water slide to the tower out on the Isle. It's one of those ones with a near vertical drop for most of the length, and the exit was going to be facing the resort. It sounded like they were looking for a quicker way for guests to get from the Isle back to the resort, and they're hoping people will just skip across the water nearly to the beach!

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    The bowling alley is actually out on the island. In the basement, under the tower. For the past several months, they have been working on some renovations to the alley, and as of right now, there is no clear date for completion. To bad.

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    I wonder if the garden suites will be done by the time I get there My fiance and I will be honeymooning in November of this year...can't wait...only 195 days till my first trip to CTI, and out of the country!!
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