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    Default Electricity and phone cards

    What is the voltage and what is the plug type?

    Will I need an adaptor?

    I have an unlocked AT&T phone. Any thoughts on Sim cards?

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    The voltage is 120V-regular plug. No adapter needed. Can't comment on the phone thou.

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    Not sure what you're actually asking in regards to the phone, but you will most likely not use it at all. We've had exactly zero roaming calls in 3 trips, and only one roaming text that I received and replied to. Your best bet is to turn your roaming off and connect to the wifi at the resort, if you want to use a smart phone for anything other than calls or texts.

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    Yes, you should be able to get a digi cell sim card for your phone.I didn't want to have to deal with changing the card in my phone every trip so I just bought a cheap nokia phone there and had them put the sim card in that. Not sure what the price is now but the last time I got one it was around $5 or so. We also were able to get 2000 international minutes for a little over $20.

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