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    Default Help! IS waiting to book Secret Rendezvous risky?

    Hi everyone--
    Brand new here, and really hoping for some insight. Obviously I LOVE the savings that come with booking SR, but I am so worried about waiting so long to book! I am a planner and like everything set. While I don't mind being surprised by the resort, I am very very concerned that there will be no availability anywhere on my vacation week. I am not a gambler, I guess. Has anyone booked SR in March and did you have any trouble with availability? Is SR typically offered in March? How about December?

    I would really appreciate anyone's input.

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    SR is always available to best of my knowledge. I know someone who used it at the end of March & got CSA. I would book it as soon as you can which I think is 60 days. I wouldn't wait until the last last minute.

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    I think the the SR is always available but you might call Couples 800# & ask ...... I would say that your chances of getting CSS or CTI are very good because CN & CSA tend to book up if any of them do & from lots of previous posts over the years about SR's, that's where most people get sent (we got CSS in 2009 - the only time we did the SR) but you never know. I'd say that if you really don't care about what resort you get, that you can wait & not worry about there being a SR for that month.

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    Three years ago which was our first time at Couples, we did SR in March and ended up at a newly renovated CTI and had a wonderful time. We were a bit skeptical as well, but booked our flight in advance (since we knew what dates we wanted and we knew we would be flying into MBJ) and we had (no pun intended) "no problems". We had friends that had done SR in the past which is ultimately what sold us (because you really can save some money). Hope this helps!

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    Thank you--I really appreciate all the advice.

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    We booked our first trip to Couples this past February for a March 31 to April 7 visit. Booking 45 days in advance gave me plenty of time to plan and organize.

    We had an absolutely great time and did not regret doing SR. My only comment about SR is about the room. Our room was very nice and clean but it did not have an ocean view or a garden view. This did not bother us because we spent very little time in our room BUT if you are someone who likes to see the ocean from your room and may spend a significant amount of time in your room, you may not be as satisfied as we were. We did ask about upgrading but the resort was sold out for one or two nights of our stay and we decided not to deal with the hassle of changing rooms.

    We will be doing another SR trip in March/April of 2014! Can't wait!!

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