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    Default Water shoes at CN

    Can anyone tell me if you need water shoes for the water at CN? What about walking down the beach and getting in the water outside of the resort.
    Thanks....23 days!

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    Completely unnecessary at CN. The beaches and water are powdery soft with hardly anything to step on. As always in the sea, drag your toes when u walk to avoid stepping on a sting ray. Water shoes wouldn't help if you stepped on one anyway.

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    Never used water shoes at CN in all the times we've been .... The water is so clear you can see the bottom (just sand) all the way to the end of the swim area & you also don't need them for walking the entire length of the beach.

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    Absolutely not!
    Have a blast!

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    I would also say no. I took them our first trip and it was just something else that was damp to bring home. Our 2nd trip I spent most of the time during the day barefoot when walking around the resort.

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    My favorite thing in the world is to be barefoot on that beach and in the water.

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    Default Water shoes

    If I wore water shoes (which I don't) that's all I'd be wearing....wouldn't that be a sight.....
    Captain Jim
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