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    Default Should I bring my DSLR camera?

    I have a small waterproof point and shoot camera for the beach and pool, but to get those really great sunset pictures, I'd like my DSLR better. What do you guys think?

    When it's not being used, I'd put it in the safe. Also for those of you who have brought a DSLR, what do you carry it around in? I have a bag kind of like a messenger bag for it, but it's kind of bulky.

    Do you think I could or should bring the DSLR on the catamaran cruise?

    I've never brought my DSLR to a beach vacation and then when I get home to see the pictures, I wish i did.

    Is there a lot of photo ops at Couples?

    I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I feel my DSLR just takes picture so much better than my point and shoot. Sorry I'm rambling. Ugh what to do...

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    I brought mine and used it one day. I invested in a good underwater camera, Nikon AW100, and that took great shots in and out of the water.

    I would probably do even bother taking the DSLR next time, was just to bulky as I feel if I take it I also have to package my lenses, heck I also brought by tripod.

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    You absolutely should, IMO. Mine has paid for itself in photo contest wins/place/show.

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    Hey steph44w,
    We will be going to CN in July. I am also a photographer and plan on bringing my DSLR. I recently bought a Canon DS110 so I can have a waterproof camera for snorkeling and beach shots. I plan on taking my DLSR so that I can get some sunset shots and and nature shots around the resort and on some excursions. I think if I were to leave my DSLR behind I would regret it.

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    Bring it!!!!
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