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    Default Transport to Tower Isle

    We are doing CSS in June (first timers) and are planning a day trip to CTI. We were wondering:
    1. Best way to get from CSS to CTI.
    2. How exactly do you get to the island once at CTI.
    3. Any recommendation of best day to go, or all the same?
    Thank you.
    John & Jo

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    You go on trading spaces days and couples supplies the transportation. They have a boat to take you to the island. Trading spaces is Monday, Wenesday, friday.

    All you need is to be a romance reward member and it is free.

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    Hi J&J!,
    First of all WELCOME to the Couples family! You will love CSS! Now as to your CTI questions--in order to do a Trading Places day at CTI, you will need to first sign up for Romance Rewards---there is a link at the bottom of every page on this site. Once you have signed up, then you will be eligible for Trading Places on your first visit. Go to the lobby and ask to sign up for the next trip to CTI--Trading Places days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from about 10am to 4pm. The resort transports you there and back; however, if you want to come back early you are responsible for the cab fare. Also remember that you must sign up in the lobby at least 24 hours before your Trading Places day.

    As for transport to the Island, once you arrive you would go down to the pier and a nice boat takes you across.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Contact Guest services at CSS. They can make all of the arrangements. Be sure to sign up for the romance rewards. They have a program called Trading Places which does exactly what you want to do.
    To get to the island you take a shuttle boat from the pier.

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