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    Default Difference between CSA and CSS

    I just booked my 4th trip to CSA, eventually I would like to visit CSS . CSS looks beautiful, but for some reason it just appear a little less lively than CSA . I did visit the Ochi side and stayed at Royal Plantation in the past and that to me was also beautiful but a little to stuffy and boring. Is CSS like this or is it pretty much the same vibe as CSA. I will probably visit one day any way because the property look stunning and gorgeous, but for now I will stick to CSA.( afraid to make the switch on this trip, going with another couple.)

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    Stayed at CSS once and yes, it was a little boring for us. You can't walk the beach. I felt a little trapped. It's a gorgeous place but CSA is our home.

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    CSS is a beautiful resort but no.. it doesn't have the same vibe as CSA. I've gone to CSS twice but always as a split trip with CSA. I myself wouldn't have enjoyed CSS as much as I did if I didn't know I was also going to get my CSA "fix". If you have at least 10 days I say do a split. CSS first.

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    Both CSA and CSS are beautiful resorts...each in its own way. CSS has a more Mediterranean appearance. It's not as big as CSA and doesn't have the long beach with soft, white sand. But CSS has a special feel all its own with great staff and lots to do. There are lots of little places you can go, on the resort, that are secluded and will allow you to have a relaxing, romantic stay. Sometimes trying something new can be a good thing but it's always good to know you can stick with your favorite Couples resort and still be happy.

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    That's what's so great about Couples, there are 4 resorts in the beautiful country of Jamaica, and they each have a different vibe that appeals to different couples. For us, we have been to CSA twice, and CSS 5 times, with 2 more trips booked to CSS for December and April. It has become our "home" for many reasons, some of which include the wonderful staff who we have become very close to, the beauty and romantic atmosphere of the resort, and then there is Sunset Beach! We have lots of information we could send you in an e-mail about CSS, far too long for the message board. If you are interested, send us an e-mail to, and we'll pass it along to you.

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    CSS is a much smaller resort, though very romantic, with a small man made beach. (The north shore of Jamaica is mainly rocky) Most evenings the entertainment is a local reggae band. There are also a lot of steps here as half the resort is built into the hill side. The pools at CSS are nicer than CSA.
    CSA has the famous Seven Mile Beach. Pools are smaller as the beach is the draw. It is the largest of the Couples Resorts with most buildings being more like beach villas rather than a hotel. More restaurants and bars and entertainment on stage each night. They also have a nightclub for late evening. Our favorite by far but we still have a place in our heart for CSS. We were married there.

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    Thanks for the reply, just what I thought. I have to be at a place with a little action (not much) but some. That's what I like about CSA it's quiet when you need it to be, and then you also can get involved and have some fun.

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    We stayed at CSS a few years ago after having stayed at CSA a few times. That is funny that softail says she felt trapped. I remember thinking on our second day, "I feel trapped. I don't think I can stay here for 10 days without getting claustrophobic." We made sure to book an off-resort excursion. By day four, I never wanted to leave. Yes, it is smaller than CSA, with fewer restaurants. The Starlight Gala at CSS is truly spectacular, and a step up from the beach part at CSA. There is absolutely nothing to compare to getting a couples massage in the Hideaway hut at CSS overhanging the cliffs with the breeze coming through.

    Of course, if you are interested in an au naturel setting, you can get that at CSS and not CSA.

    I think CSS is as lively or as laid back as you make it. We did snorkel and scuba and spent a lot of time on and in the water. Of course, a lot if dependent on the clientele that particular week as to how rowdy either resort is.

    We have since been back to CSA and consider that home. We do love the beachfront verandah suites at CSA. There is something about waking up in a room directly on the beach.

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