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    Default After you land??

    I may have missed something... but when you land in Montego Bay, how do you get to Couples Swept Away from there???? Do they provide transportation or is there something I need to or set up?

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    When you come off the plane and through Customs look to your left and you'll see the "Couple's Lounge." Go in, grab a red stripe and they'll take care of you from there.

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    Just head to the Couple Lounge after you go through Immigration & Customs .... It's EASY to find (plus there are people asking you what resort you're going to as you come out of customs & telling you where to go) since the airport is small. There will be guys out in front of the lounge that will ask you which resort & take your bags (don't panic - they will tag your bags & give you the stubs) while you go in & tell the people inside you're there so they can check you off their list ..... Have a free drink or 2, use the restroom, & you'll be on your way to CSA on the next shuttle - usually 10 -15 minutes wait ..... It's all provided by Couples no matter how you booked your trip so don't pay extra for a transfer. I'd contact the resort (or the 800#) & let them know your arrival flight time & flight # so they will have it on record but even if you don't, it's no problem. You can also do the pre-check-in online & they will ask for that info.

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    Really easy. We were anxious about finding the Couples lounge on our first trip, but it is very easy and you are under no pressure to hurry at all. The shuttles run all day and into the night, whenever there is a Couples guest that needs to get to their Couples destination, there will shortly be a shuttle to get them there. You will most likely not wait more than 15-20 minutes, often less, for the next shuttle to load up.

    At the lounge they will have your name on their list of arrivals for that day. They will ask what resort you are going to and will stack your bags with others going to the same resort. A red cap will tote the cart with the luggage out to the shuttle and they will load it up for you. (Note: my suggestion is to tip the red cap guys a couple or five bucks, also the shuttle driver $10 or $20 when you get to CSA. These are among the few folks you will need to tip on your trip. Both coming and going by the way) Then you are on your way. No hassles, no problems, no worries.

    Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    Bring shorts and flip flops in your carry on to change into inside the Couples Lounge bathroom to make the trip to the resort more comfortable. Also, have $1 per bag to tip the baggage handlers that take your bags to the van. The trip is about an hour and a half. Other than that just relax and enjoy. Nothing to set up. They know you are coming.

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    Is there a shuttle from the Kingston airport too?

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    No shuttle from Kingston. You are on your own. Can't you fly into Montego Bay?

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    Kingston is TOOOOO far away!

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    I do not believe there is a shuttle from Kingston.

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