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    First time going to CSS. Any favorites as far as rooms go in the 1 BR beachfronts? How many beahfront suites are there?


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    There are two buildings, each has three floors. I'm not sure how many rooms are on each floor, but quite a few. We always stay in these rooms, our favorites are the ground floor level, that way you can go back and forth from the beach/swimming pool as often as necessary with no big hassel. Very convenient.

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    The BFS rooms are the only ones on the same level as the beach but are not on the beach. They are across the great lawn from in. Still our favorite rooms to stay in there. Not sure of the total amount of rooms but as stated by nazie there are two buildings with 3 levels. Each room has a small balcony and a seperate sitting room with TV. Some people like ground floor to avoid stairs and they sometimes use the sliding door to their patio to come and go to the beach with. Not very secure though as you do not have a key for these doors.

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