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    Default Jewelry in Jamaica

    We are celebrating our 20th anniversary at CSS in June and will be purchasing new rings. A few years back at CSA a jeweler was on site with beautiful pieces. Anyone have experience purchasing diamonds in Ocho Rios?? Any suggestions or helpful hints??

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    I don't know much about purchasing diamonds but just wanted to say that there is a really nice jewelry store on site at CSS (called The Jewel Box - I think) & I got a GORGEOUS necklace there in 2009. They had beautiful things. I've seen other posts on here where people have purchased jewelry there so am sure that you'll get other responses.

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    Seven years ago I got a new ring for my wife to commemorate our 30th. Got it at TajMahal in the Times Square DF at Negril, and I understand that they've got an outlet up at OR.

    Once they understood where we were for a price break it was a piece of cake, and it appraised quite nicely here in the States.

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    I have purchased a couple of nice pieces of jewelry from The Jewel Box at CSS. Ask for Harry. I have a beautiful Tanzanite ring and a Blue Diamond ring. I LOVE THEM. Harry will stand behind your purchases. I have also purchased jewelry at a couple jewelry stores in Ocho Rios. I always research prices at home before we go to Jamaica so I know if I am getting a good deal. We cannot even hardly find Tanzanite or Blue Diamonds at home. Jamaica has a wonderful selection. We have not purchased regular Diamonds but you will find a beautiful selection to choose from. I am always looking for gemstones. You should think about purchasing your new rings and then doing a Vow Renewel on the beach at CSS and having your new rings blessed. We did that for our 30th anniversary. We had purchased new rings and did the Vow Renewel at CN on the beach. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 30th anniversary and something we will always cherish. Congrats on 20 years.

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    Please see the link to one of my prior post about Harry at "The jewel Box". It is located right on CSS property. He is awesome and has some wonderful pieces.
    Please tell him hi for me.

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    We've done some purchases at the Jewel Box while at CSS and have found some really nice pieces at good prices. There are some places you can buy jewelry while on the shopping trip to Ocho Rios. We haven't tried it because it takes awhile to make a purchase and we hate to be rushed when buying jewelry. If you're staying at CSS you won't be disappointed with what you'll find at the Jewel Box.

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    I haven't been there in a few years but other than the on site jewelry store near the main entrance they offer a shopping trip where there are jewelry stores to shop in.

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    We buy jewelry and watches every year, rotating "his, her, his, hers, etc). DO shop at the Jewel Box, but DO NOT make it your only choice. Take a cab into Ochi and hit both Soni's Plaza, and the Taj Mahal.

    Of course, as with nearly everywhere in JA...HAGGLE! 1/2 off listed or more is very easy to get. Many/most posted prices in-town are inflated just for the bargaining room.

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