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    Default October in negril................

    Can you guys give your opinion , on going to CN in October..........
    ~ Was it Crowded? (we love a good mix of people)
    ~ Airfare?
    ~is it Lobster season still ?.lol..(food matters)
    ~Sunsets.....(ahhhh).............................. ......................Ty

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    I'm fairly certain the sun still sets in October.

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    I'm booked for the first week of October as well, it would be intersting to know how the weather was for others that have been in October.

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    Weather = beautiful and warm
    Crowded = Not unless you are there for the anniversary ( Columbus Day weekend)
    Airfare = always expensive (depends on when you book)
    Lobster = yes!

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    October is Jamaica's rainiest month. You can check. We had two rainy weeks there two different years. But others have had better luck. Would not go back in October. One year the water was too rough and dirty from storm that blew in. Food is always great. Resort not crowded and the guests are the best.

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    The most important question is regarding the weather. September and October are always risky for tropical storms. If you watch the weather patterns, from July to early September, the storms that roll off of the west coast of Africa typically veer north before they reach the central and western portions of the Caribbean. However, as September and and October progress, the storms start to roll farther and farther west. With that said, Jamaica is far enough west that you have a good chance of getting missed, and the Negril side definitely gets less of the brunt than the south and east sides do. Don't get me wrong, the weather is beautiful in October, but there is just a greater chance of a tropical storm rolling through. It's just more of a crap shoot that time of year. This is mostly a reference to the really heavy storms. There is always the possibility of a storm popping up in the actual Caribbean during the Atlantic Hurricane season, but because these storms don't have the opportunity to pick up a lot of steam, like the ones that cross the Atlantic, there is a lesser possibility of those storms building up significant strength before passing Jamaica.

    The lobster "off-season" is April 1-June 30.

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    We go to CSA every October and its our favorite time of year to go. We go the last week though and into the first week of November. We think the weather is great that time of year. November 1st starts peak season again and to us October seems to be a little less crowded than other times of the year but with a good mix of people. To us it seems to be more of an older crowd that time of year. Air fair seems to be decent. The last two years we have paid more than we have in the past though.
    It is still Lobster season so no worries there.. YUM!
    The sunsets are beautiful of course. The days are shorter in October though. We kind of giggled last month because it was our first time going in the Spring and the days were much longer and we liked that.

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    Only been to Negril area once in October... last year... and caught a period of really nice weather - warm and mostly sunny, a few brief showers. Unfortunately, the tropical storm/hurricane that was parked out near the Yucatan peninsula caused high surf at Negril that lasted all week, and really put a damper on watersports activities. But as someone else noted, that's the chance you take.

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    thank you.........october here we come !!!!

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    We were there in early October and the weather was awesome. There were a few very quick rain showers but the sun quickly returned.

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    We were there Oct 4-12 last year....amazing weather! It rained twice, maybe 3 times & not all day.....praying we get the same weather this year as we're going back Oct 1-8!!

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    Dank120 - That is not really a true statement. Hurrican Katrina was barely a tropical storm when it crossed Florida and look what it turned into by the time is reached the Mississippi Coast, it all just depend on high presure systems, wind shear in the area and water temperature That being said, The middle of August is actually the peak or Hurrican season and by mid sept. the number of storms typically begins to drop dramatically, however there is no way to predict what type of hurricane season we are going to have, trust me I have lived on the gulf coast my entire life, experts can't event come close to getting it right...We have been told for the last 3 years to brace ourselves for a major season and no major, or minor really, storms have come close to the US in that time. However Oct. is known as the rainy month for Jamaica, while it is the tropics and pop up showers can occur anytime especially in the more humid summer months, Oct. averages more rainfall per month in Jamaica than any other month. So yes you probably are running alittle higher risk of liquid sunshine than other parts of the year....

    Airfare is tricky, some say wait til the last minute, some say book when gas prices are typically lower, or as low as the can be I should say, because just like everythign else gas prices go up so does everything else.

    Again becauseof the time of year and, like previously stated, you are not going the week of thier anniversary party, there is a good chance the resort probaly won't me at maximum cap. like it probably is in March and April for example. There wll still be plenty of people there, actually Sept. is typically the time of year we do travel there for that very reason, plenty of people to socailize with yet not to many to begin feeling crowded, that ant the fact we were married in Sept. at CSA 5 years ago, prefect reason every year, annivesary trip..

    Lobster will be no problem that time of year..It is only out of season - April 1st-June30...
    It's CSA, it doesn not matter when you go they have the most amazing sunsets 7 days a week, 365....Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    October is Jamaica's rainiest month. You can check. We had two rainy weeks there two different years. But others have had better luck. Would not go back in October. One year the water was too rough and dirty from storm that blew in. Food is always great. Resort not crowded and the guests are the best.
    We had the same experience. Sould not book October again.

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