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    We were at CTI April 12-24. This was our 33 pilgrimage to our favorite resort. It was still as exciting, rewarding, fulfilling, uplifting and a whole lot of fun. My analogy: Grown-up camp.
    We were joined by some of the April Amigos and that by itself increased our enjoyment. Couples we have known for years. There's nothing like playing in the sand with some friends. Some other Amigos returned to CN/CSA/CSS this year. Sadly, they have decided that they really enjoy the western tip of the island and will not be coming back to CTI. We will miss them very much.

    It was wonderful to see so many of the staff that we have known for so long. Their hugs felt warming and wonderful. That's always an important part of each trip, catching up on things with staff. One waitress who had been there back when Shawn was on the island. Long time. She's gone. Nicollette. I missed her. Just about everyone else is still there.

    For us, there has never been a problem with food or drinks. There is always plenty of whatever we want. We are also very flexible. Should they be out of "X", we don't have a hissy fit. And yes, I have seen others have that hissy fit because they ran out of ?. Maybe it's our age. The older we become, the more tolerant and less rigid we become.

    As far as everything else that goes on at a normal day at CTI, it's still going on. Diving, water activities, tours, games. All going according to a fairly strict time table, day after endless day.

    We had an unexpected but very welcomed meeting with a young man whose name you already know. Abe Issa. His father is Lee Issa and his grandfather was the elder Abe Issa.

    He happened to be sitting next to us, one evening, in the main dining room. He was alone. He is another interesting person in the Issa family. He is currently working at CSS.

    We chatted for only a little while. We both had food in front of us. I was truly thrilled to meet him. Each person in the Issa family that we have met over the years, have led very interesting lives and shared many of their stories each time we happen to run into them.

    The next day, at lunch, there was young Mr. Issa. And with him, his father, Lee and Jane. What a treat. I have always been impressed with the story of the Issa family. They have done so much for Jamaica.

    Any questions or comments, just let me know. Here, or

    Looking forward now to this coming November for number 34 and next April for 35. It really does just keep getting better.


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    I'm currently attempting to find a way to visit couples every year. The more I go, the more I want to get back. It is wonderful!

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    We met Abe Issa when he was interning at CTI. He is a good sport. We met Lee on that same visit. Both very nice.

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    Sorry to hear Nicolette is gone. We enjoyed her at CTI.

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    It was fantastic to finally meet you and your wife! Brandi the scrap booker she is has put your gifts for us in a scrap book to forever be remembered.

    For those of you that read Crabracer's posts......he is not fictional

    Again, enjoyed meeting you on the island and take care

    Steve and Brandi
    CTI - 4/17-4/24
    Island wedding 4/21/12

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    Brandi & Steve

    I hope you see this message.
    It was nice to meet both of you as well as the 157 great family and friends that came with you. We watched from our room as each member of the wedding party got off the boat. We could tell from the great music we heard later that the place was rocking.

    I knew you were a nice couple when you showed concern on the message board, for those of us that would be leaving the island early because of the wedding. And when we met you out on TI, we were positive you were a great couple.

    Much health and happiness for both of you.

    As we celebrate our 45 wedding anniversary this month, your new marriage renews the cycle for one more couple to begin their journey. Enjoy it.

    Richie & Sylvia

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