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    Default Movie on the Beach/ Bio iluminescence

    When is the movie on the beach night? We are SOOOO excited to see Jamaica for the first time. We are trying not to plan too much before we get there. I hate being on a schedule when I am on vacation. But I want to definitely get a chance to do the movie night on the beach? Does anyone know what day of the week it is? We are going to CSA for a week and CSS for a week. Thanks.
    Also, to anyone who has done the Bio-illuminesence (spelling) lagoon tour... How far is it from Negril, or Ochos? How do you get there from the resort? How much was it?

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    I would also know how far away from negril and the cost.

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    Figure on about a 3.5 hour drive from CSA to CSS. When you check in, be sure to let them know that you are transfering to CSS, Couples will arrange for your transportation from CSA to CSS.
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    I don't recall the tour cost, but it's quite a hike from Negril.

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    I was looking into the lagoon as well. We will be at CTI. I tried to look up the costs, but couldn't really find an answer, does anyone know?

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