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    I have searched the threads and couldn't really find an answer. I know that Yoga classes very based on the visiting instructor, but do they ever have a Yoga class on the beach at CSA in the morning? If not is there any way to get them to start? I think that would be an awesome way to wake up your body while in paradise.

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    As a long time yogi, I am not big on yoga on the beach. I like a traditional yoga environment and find mats on sand not the best. I prefer a studio and this is where CSA has their classes IME.

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    Was there just last week and saw yoga on the beach in the mornings around 8am.

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    Whenever we are there, I do yoga on the beach myself in the morning. I bring my mat and everything. You might try it yourself, since I have never seen beach yoga at CSA. (A shame, really....) It's absolutely divine. Nothing like the sound of the waves punctuating your practice.
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