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    Default Ride to Negril

    This last July we got on the shuttle bus with six other couples we had never met before and we just hit it off immediately. We laughed the whole way to Negril and found ourselves having the best time with these poeple all week. We had our alone time and when something fun was happening around the resort, it was great to have friends to enjoy it with. I love the shuttle trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard & brenda View Post
    not bad at all,and it's a great way to meet people who are going to be at the same resort as you are.We have done the bus ride 11 times out of the 12 visits to csa but now we prefer to fly tim air.12 min to negril,26 more days until we return home.
    Hi. My husband and I will be arriving to couples Negril on Sept. 27th. Is that when you be there?

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    we loved the the ride 2 css this will b r second time, do u know anything about the penthouse ocien view suites on the cliffs

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    Default Interesting Ride

    We took the ride back in 98 to a non-couples resort and we traveled in a private van. the road was narrow and wound around quite a bit. It was "exciting" to say the least. But I really enjoyed the scenery and seeing the countryside.

    Last year we took the ride to CTI. It was a nice comfortable bus and on much better roads. I don't know if the roads to CN have improved but if we travel in a nice bus I think it will be a real nice time seeing how things have changed in 12 years.

    One of the more exciting parts of the CN trip was coming around a hairpin curve and finding a herd of goats in the middle of the road.

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