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    Default CSA wall of fame gone!??!

    I was recently informed that CSA's wall of fame is no longer in existance. For those that don't know what this is, it was a collage of pictures of couples who reached the double digit status for returning trips to CSA. My wife & I were on that wall, as were alot of our friends. To us, it was an acknowledgement of our love & devotion & loyalty to CSA. To CSA, it should have been the best advertisement & testimony as to how how much we love CSA & year after year we never even think of going anywhere else. Trip #19 is in two weeks, # 20 is already booked for us for 2013. When the new section was built, alot of things were taken away from the old side, ie; tour desk, computers, which I will say the new side computer room is an improvement, also the little gift shop, which has been reduced severely. But the one thing that remained, was the Wall of Fame which meant alot to some people. Out of all the thousands & thousands of guests that visit CSA throughout the year, only sixty some couples had reached that level of loyalty, that's saying something! Goodbye Wall of Fame, you will be missed by everyone on it, as well as other guests who enjoyed seeing how many times people returned. This might seem trivial to some people, but the ones that were on that wall will understand what I'm saying. I must say I am very disappointed.

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    Are you sure it's gone for good? We were there April 9 -19th and I was told it was just being refreshed. The pictures were to go back up in a few weeks. Hope it's not gone because our New Years visit was our 10th time and our picture was to be joining the other loyal repeaters. The April visit was number 11 and I was hoping to see us on the wall then but the pictures had been taken down.
    Did anyone tell you this officially?

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    Officially, i'll find out in less than 2 weeks when we are there. But our oldest son & his wife were there about a month ago & it was gone, and I heard from another fellow message boarder who was just about to get his picture on this month that it was indeed gone. Till I hear it from the GM's own mouth, I'm only repeating what I was told from two very reliable sources. It is usually refreshed either while or right after someone on the wall had added another year to their totals. Last year, our new pic was up half way through our stay. I certainly hope I'm wrong, that wall is like a shrine.

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    We were there in March and were also told that the area is being updated. No worries, it will be back

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    Yes.. we were just there last month and it was gone. Maybe they are giving it a make-over, not sure. But it was gone. I hope its not gone for good cause we always enjoyed gong up to look at beacuse it seemed like every trip we ran into or remembered seeing one or two of them.. so we think its really a neat thing.

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    We checked April 25th, the old pics were there, but reorganized. It looked as though they were changing things around a bit. All of the resort activity pics were gone. Several empty display cases.

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    That's great news, Tom & Erin! We're hitting #10 this month and were looking forward to finally achieving Wall of Fame status!

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    It is still there above the lobby. Some were as high as 35 times! We are only at 6...and counting.

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    They probably had to take down the resort activity pictures to make room for all the new 10x's repeaters - lol. Glad to know it's going back up. Will have to wait until New Years to see if our made it up. It's always nice to have something to look forward to...

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    Its there, we were looking at it last week....I think the highest number is 45...i need to catch up, only 1 trip so far!

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    I'm sooo glad to hear they put it back up, we were bummed when we heard they took it down..will be there in 6 days, can't wait!

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    Just got back, and it's there. Unfortunately friends hit visit #20 last fall, and they had picture taken for display. (They were told it took 20 visitis to be displayed) They wanted us to check, but their picture wasn't there. Needess to say, they are disappointed!

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