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    Default Some questions for past visitors...

    Hi there,

    My husband will be at CN in late June for the first time. As far as the restaurants and signing up for snorkeling and catamaran cruise, do the slots fill up quickly?

    Have you found that it's easy to get the times you want to reserve at the restaurants where reservations are needed?

    Does a shuttle go to Rick's Cafe everyday?

    I heard we can we order specific drinks for our minibar? Is there a request form in the room or how do you do that?

    Do they have games or cards available? My husband and I love to have drinks and play cards. Hopefully we can meet some cool people who might want to play hearts with us!

    How's the golfing? My husband loves to golf but doesn't want to bring his clubs. Is it worth it to rent?

    It seems like the week we're going to be there will be busy (June 22-29)! I asked my agent a few weeks ago about upgrading to one of the suites and he told me only gardenview and partial ocean view were left! We stuck with the garden view because I've been reading that the garden view rooms seem to have a nice view and not that of a parking lot or another eyesore.

    Do you repeaters have any other tips for us? We are a couple in our early/mid thirties and we love to be beach bums, so we don't plan on leaving the resort except to checkout the sunset cruise, go snorkelling, and probably a visit to Rick's Cafe.

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    Slots filling up quickly = depends on how crowded the resort is
    There is only one resaurant with reservations so you should be able to find great food
    I think the shuttle now goes to Pushcart and that happens a couple of times a week
    There's a minibar order form in your room for you to order bottles of spirits
    I know there is a game room but don't know for sure about decks of cards.
    No clue about golf
    Stay with the gardenview
    Definitely do the cat. cruise and try every activity offered on the resort.

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    There is only one restaurant that requires you to sign up - and wear appropriate attire, You can sign up a couple days in advance. It does fill up - so sign up early in the day. You won't have any problems at the other places.

    Snorkeling can fill up so sign up the day before. They offer two times a day but if it is windy will cancel. We tend to go on the morning trip. If it is full show up anyways - people often don't show up and they will let you on.

    Catamaran - again may fill up but they take a large number of people - so no problem!

    When we were there in February - they stopped the trips to Rick's and offer alternatives they feel treat their guest more fairly. They happen a couple times a week. Plus places offer shuttles like Margaritaville as well. You can always get a cab.

    For your room they have a sheet you fill out daily. They leave full bottles of booze, beer, soda, etc. We fill it out every year - then tend to drink at all the bars instead. It is nice meeting other people and trying new drinks.

    Not sure about card players - but take a deck and see if anyone you meet (at the bar or beach) is interested.

    Golfing - I hear the course is OK and the rentals match. Hey he will have fun either way.

    We have stayed in all the room types and for the first time in February stayed in a garden room. We loved it and booked it again for next year. I think for the limited amount of time you are in your room you won't care. All face garden areas!

    It took us three trips to leave the resort for an excursion. Of course, we walk the beach everyday (and that is off the resorts). We start the day with a long walk, then breakfast, then snorkeling, then a drink on the beach,.... In fact we have only done the Cat trip once - but it is fun and you get to see the coast and cliff + sunset. Make sure you check the activities schedule so you know what and when.

    Have a "Bob Marley" and a Red Stripe at the bar on me when you get there - enjoy!

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    Thanks for the replies, that info definitely helps! 7 weeks from today we get on a plane headed for Negril

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    My husband and I will be there along with 11 other couples for my sister's wedding. We are traveling the 21st - 26th. If we see you playing cards we will definitely join you as we normally have ours out too. So if you see a group from Iowa; that is us and you are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

    If you have stayed before and/or are a Romance Rewards member you can pre-register on-line. Part of this registration will allow you to choose what liquor selections you want and it will be in the room waiting for you.

    We have never golfed in Negril, but one of our friends did last year when we were at CSA and had a good time. I know he just rented his clubs at the course.
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    Any room or block recommendations for CN?

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