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    Default june 18th - 25th

    Hey for everyone we met last year and for those we don't know are our dates for this year....who else is coming?

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    Hi we will be honeymooning at CN June 20-30! It will be our first vacation to Jamaica!

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    We are coming with a group of 8. We will be there June 18-25, cant wait!!!

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    We arrive for a week on the 22nd, for Sharon's 50th birthday, a few days before our 27th anniversary. Sun, sea, hot tub, drink: rinse and repeat.

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    Just wanted to throw this out there - 143 days until we arrive in Jamaica!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

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    We will be there the 20-26 on our honeymoon as well... We are also doing 2 nights on the cliffs first. I think I am more excited for the trip....shhhhh! lol

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    We, Richard and Dayna, will be there June 22 - 29th for our first trip to Couples. We have been to other AI's in Jamaica but this will be our first trip back to our beloved little island in almost 10 years. We just booked it as a last minute trip last week (very unlike us) and we are beyond excited! Its probably a good thing I didn't have more than 2 weeks to plan, read message boards, obsess (lol), make packing lists, shop or the anticipation might have driven me mad. See y'all (yep, we're from Texas so if you hear deep accents it is likely us) there soon! Dayna

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