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    Default OOT bags...I have to brag...

    I think I've made an AWESOME OOT bag...of course we just have one couple attending (Chris' parents)....

    I got a 31 gifts bag, embroidered with CSA and the date of our wedding. This is what I'm putting in it:
    1. A Coach lanyard
    2. 2 custom water bottles
    3. a key chain flashlight
    3. custom luggage tags
    4. custom key chain (blue, with palm trees, etc)
    5. custom lip balms
    6. puzzle books
    7. pens
    8. travel candles
    9. lighters
    10. bug spray
    11. note pad
    12. mini battery powered fans
    13. mints
    14. first aid kit
    15. tide to go pen

    Coach just opened an online outlet sale and I bought the lanyards tonight....AWESOME!!
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013
    CSA - May 2016
    CSS - May 2017

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    How cute! I haven't finished the one I am doing for our guests (we have one other couples) and I am so stealing some of these ideas!

    Love the mini battery powered fans!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Sounds wonderful!

    how are you getting the lighters through TSA, I was told only one lighter per person on the plane and only two lighters in checked bags in DOT cases. I wanted to bring lighters for our guest too to go with the cigars in our OOT bags.

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