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    Walk the resort, walk the beach, check out the menus for that evening, grab a drink and relax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthjfj View Post
    We arrive pretty shattered at about 10 pm after travelling and queuing and waiting and sitting in squashed up seats for about 22 hours - Gloucestershire to Gatwick to MoBay to CSA. This year the check in was so efficient with the new system and we were in our room within 15 minutes.

    We unpack as quickly as possible and then wander excitedly down the familiar paths to the Cabana Grill for a Jamaican snack and a cold beer from the Patois Bar ideally served to us by Kevern. The long journey, the stressful year, the family stuff - it all slips away into the warm fragrant darkness to be eaten by the tree frogs and our joyful relaxing much-anticipated holiday begins. We have never been disappointed.
    Kevern is a great guy .... In Jan he was at the Martini bar.

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    We go to CN. When we check in, it's 50/50 that our room is ready. If not, we go straight to the pool bar and I get a red stripe and a Bob Marley and toast to our vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rckbert View Post
    You don't say which resort you are going to. Before you settle in or even leave the lobby ask about making reservations at the fancier restaurants at the resort and about booking the catamaran. After that it depends on the time of day you arrive. We arrived at CSA in the late morning and the room was not ready as check in is around 3:00. We had bathing suits packed on the top of our luggage and changed in the the lobby bathroom, went to eat lunch at Seagrapes and have a drink, then put on some suntan lotion and hit the chaise lounge as it was a long flight. Later we went back to the lobby and were shown our room. Then back to the beach. Unpack after the sun goes down!
    Oops, I forgot to mention that...We are staying at CSA (first timers)! But seeing reading what everyone does at each resort is pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by louieandsusie View Post
    Head to the beach with cocktails in hand. Grab some sweet potato chips-n-dip and get into Jamaica vacation mode Unpack after the sun sets!!
    I will definitely have to try the sweet potato chips/dip!

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    We usually get there late pm, so we have a drink from the mini bar and sit on the balcony and watch the sunset.

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    my plan is to take a nap once we settle into our room, but with my husband in tow, thats likely not going to happen!

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    Our third trip to Couples is coming up in a few months, so each time we're getting better at planning. I think what we will do this time is make sure we pack our swim-suits in a beach bag and use that as my carry-on purse, or maybe even wear our swimsuits (we fly out Florida so it's a short flight).

    We arrived to CSA around 11 AM last time so we had several hours to kill before our room was ready. I think we grabbed lunch at the Palms and had a drink at the sunset bar, and booked our beginner dive. We also make sure to sign up for dinner reservations on our first day, and you can book things that line up quickly like the catamaran cruise and snorkeling trips. After that, we try to relax and get on island time

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    Settle in? Are you crazy? NO WAY!

    Its a mad dash for the swim suits and off to the beach for a dip and a swim in the warm waters off SweptAway's stretch of 7-Mile!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Jerk chicken at Cabana, and then lots of drinks at the swim up bar.

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    I like it...I like it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Get changed into the swimming trunks and meet up with whoever went with us and give the newbies the tour.

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    Beef patty then the Island.

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    Shower, change and head to the bar and food if it's still lunchtime, then go find friends that may already be there.

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    We head to the dive shop....then a drink, snack, and hit the beach!

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    Last year was our first trip to CSA, so we didn't really know what to expect. We upgraded rooms upon arrival so our room wasn't ready....we wanted to walk around so we hit up one of the beach bars and got a Tantalizer (bartender's choice) then got some jerk chicken @ the Cabana Grill.

    This year we will be arriving on the same day as the Repeater's Dinner. We are going to try to upgrade our room again, so we will probably have to kill some time before our room is ready....I think we'll get a Bob Marley & then walk the grounds Or maybe quick dip in the pool, so we don't get too sandy before dinner

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    We arrived late one year so after being shown the room I went to the beach grill and got plate of jerk chicken, fries, and a couple of Red Stripes. When then snacked as we unpacked. That was the best chicken it still makes my mouth water.

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