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    Default Fitness classes - Yoga, Pilates @ CN

    Does anyone know if they offer free fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates or Aerobics at CN?

    I've tried to seach the old posts on this message board but couldn't find it.... There were lost of posts about these classes at CSA but not CN.
    I'm assuming and hoping that they offer more or less similar at both resorts.

    Am I right that they have some tredmills too for work-out at CN?

    Many thanks in advance for your info

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    There are 4 treadmills along with some weight machine and free weights. The classes offered depend upon the visiting instructor - I have seen Step, Pilates and Yoga offered. There is also an aquatics class offered every morning.

    The daily exercise schedule is posted outside the gym. Fitness classed are done in an open air gym. There are usually two fitness classes along with one aquatics class (10:00 AM) every day.

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    Would love to know this as well. I have just recently started taking yoga and would love to be able to take a yoga class while at CN.

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    Full gym at CN. Not as extensive at CSA, but enough for a great workout (treadmills, eliptical, bike, weights). They do some yoga classes, some aquacize. The best is a personal training session with Wayne. I always try to do a few PT sessions while in Negril. My wife and I usually exercise every day there to try to work off some of the food and drink! (if my memory serves me correctly, we have stayed a total of 29 days at CN and I have exercised 27 of those days)

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    My husband and I were at CN 13 months ago and they did have both yoga and aerobics classes in the morning and afternoon. They usually bring in a traveling fitness instructor for the week to help with the classes. When we are there my husband is the traveling tennis pro teaching the morning and afternoon tennis classes that week. Not sure if you like tennis, but all levels are welcome (they supply the racquet).

    Yes, there are also treadmills, stationary bikes, and some free weights/weight equipment. Have a great time!!

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    Here are the links to both the 360 degree view of the gym, as well as, the activities schedule (incl fitness classes):

    Fitness Center:


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    Last year at CN there were afternoon yoga classes, held outside. I am a yogi and would have loved to take the classes but it is just too hot at that time of day for me to enjoy it. At CSA there is a studio which is air conditioned and very comfortable for classes.

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    Thank you very much everyone who posted here!

    Dank, thank you for posting the activities schedule. This is very useful for my planning my days there - I have now printed off and will take it with me!

    Caviargal, I see the point you raised about the yoga in the afternoon in the sun! Plus I will have had a few cocktails by then :-) I'll probably now just stick to the morning session. ...

    Anyway, I shall now happily start packing my suitcase with my fitness gear and trainers(sneakers)- two more nights' sleep till we're at CN.

    Much love!

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