Hi everyone,

My wonderful fiancé & I are booked for our weddingmoon at CSA on May 25-June 1,2013 in a BFVS. But this isn't my first time at Couples. I was at CSS back in April 2008 with my ex for 5 days. While I thought the grounds were beautiful at CSS and met some great staff members, there were some things that were bothersome about the resort and staff. I know that trip was 4 years ago (5 by the time we get to CSA) and is a totally different resort but I'm a bit afraid of running into the same issues. The pictures of CSA look amazing and I am optimistic about trying a new Couples resort. But sadly it's human nature to draw on past experiences. My questions are: is CSA an ideal location for a wedding/honeymoon? We are big "foodies", is CSA the ideal place for us? We want a lively place, but also want some seclusion. We aren't really social people as we are very private and prefer to enjoy our alone time (between us there are 4 children- 20, 14, 9 & 6). So to all the CSA & Couples veterans: is CSA our place?

Thank you in advance for any of you willing to share your insight!