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    Default Jamaican singer on beach at Tower Isle

    Is anyone aware if there are Jamaican singers on the beach at Tower Isle?

    When we were at CN, we thought this was one of the most lovely things! It was so fun to hear authentic music that added to the beauty of that paradise.

    I know that Tower Isle is a bit "on its own" so I was not sure?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Answer is ' NO ' unfortunately...
    It's almost a private beach there and kind of secluded so none of the 'traffic' from the locals...
    Some people might say this is a blessing, no hassle but I do agree that Jamaican singers on Negril beach add more local flavour and its authenticity.

    On an odd occasion, you get a local man on a battered fishing boat (approaching from the sea which seems to be the only way), selling shells and that's about it. No local musician, nor 'Cigarettes, cigars, sunshades' man.
    This is the same situation for most of the hotels in Ocho Rios - I believe.
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    We just got back from CTI. No singers on the beach, they occasionally played some music over loudspeakers.

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