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    Default Tower Isle Beach

    Is it acceptable to be topless on the main beach at Tower Isle? I know that I was able to do this at CN.

    Thanks and hoping!!!!

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    At CTI topless on the pier only.

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    Topless is only allowed at the end of the pier. In 4 trips I have observed two women tanning at the end of the pier. Most just go out to the Island.

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    Topless is not permitted on the main beach @ CTi Topless is permitted at the end of thirty pier only. Of course on the private island all nude is mandatory

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    If you wish to go topless there is an area set aside on the pier. No topless on the main beach.

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    No, you can only go topless at the end of the pier.

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    No, you can visit the island and go au natural but I believe it says somewhere on the website that the only place you're allowed to be topless at CTI is on the pier.

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    TOPLESS SUNBATHING is allowed in designated beach areas:
    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.

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