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    My wife and i will be at css in oct. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do/not to do on/off site?

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    on site ssb

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    Drop me a line along with anyone who is interested and I'll have some great info for you
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    You must do Dunns River fall trip and the Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

    The shopping trip to Island Village is something you should do once.
    Irie Mon

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    We just returned from CSS. Offsite, we did Dunns River Falls and the bobsled/skylift/zipline at Mystic Mountain. We really enjoyed both. DRF was included, but you do have to have water shoes. They rent & sell them at the gift shop at CSS if you don't have your own ($5/$15). I think this is a must. We really enjoyed MM. I recommend it if you enjoy that kind of thing. It was $152 per person including transportation (but not including tip for driver or the guides on the zipline tour...there were 3 guides on ours). The tour person at CSS told us there was a water slide and pool, but that it would be extra, so we didn't plan on doing that, but when we arrived, they didn't appear to cost extra, so you could plan for that if you wanted. They also have a gift shop. If you buy stuff at the gift shop, they send it down the sky lift for you while you are on the zipline. We loved it. have to eat the Jamaican patties at the beach grill! yum!

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    Matt and Melanie: My wife and I will be there in Oct. also. We were there last year and it was great. We went to Dunn's River Falls. Be sure to take your own water shoes, and get a copy of the cruise ship schedule and go when there are no ships in port there will be a lot less people. We also went on a raft ride and it was great. Check out MEET-UP AT COUPLES and look at CSS October 2009. Frank and Cindy

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