So we are less than 45 days out, and our resort stay has been paid, and within a few short days after that our passports came! So now we are officially counting down! So as this being our first time to Couples resorts, I have a few remaining questions. Is there anywhere to get things like cappucinos, or can you only get straight coffee? Straight coffee is a little too strong for both of us .I am also curious as to how busy the fitness centers are in the morning as well as what equiptment is available. My husband and I run and were thinking we might try to get on the treadmill a few times while we are there(I have heard the resort isn't large enough to get in a long run outdoors). Also, I have seasonal allergies, should I bring along meds? Another question, is there any must sees off resort we should check out and are safe? I would really like to see other parts of the island and really get a feel of Jamaica. I don't necessarily want to stay on the resort the whole time. We have signed up for romance rewards and would like to do the trading places at CSS. What should we have on our list to do while we are there? I know there are several others that I am forgetting, so I may be back to ask more, but for now, I look forward to your answers! Thanks!