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    Default Team csa does it again!!!!

    Hello TEAM CSA 2012.

    Another year has past. Only a few TEAM CSA couples remain. Dorothy and I would like to thank all of you who made TEAM CSA 2012 the most succussful year so far. We met many new friends and were able to spend time with our friends from the past 8 years. Again, I know we missed some of you and I regret that. You all hold a special place in our hearts.

    Congrats to Tim and Mike for winning the First Annual TEAM CSA Horseshoe Tourney. A very Special thanks to Mick (Mick7602) for organizing and running the event. The tourney raised $350.00 that I donated to the ISSA Trust Foundation. Along with the regular donations that totaled another $2,005.00, TEAM CSA 2012 donated (so far, you can still donate on behalf of TEAM CSA 2012) a grand total of $2,355.00. This added to our past donations give us a grand total of $7,965.00 for the 6 years we have been doing this.

    The children of Jamaica, Dorothy, and myself thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. I truly believe that TEAM CSA past, present, and future makes a difference in the quality of life for the beautiful children of Jamaica.

    Thanks again,

    Tom and Dorothy Ehlers

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    Thanks to all who participated in the horseshoe tourney, it was fun and did add a bit extra to the charity donation. Thanks to both Tom and Dorothy for the awesome hats that were distributed to Team CSA, these hats were very cool and I will wear it often and think about being on that lovely beach

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    Hello TEAM,

    Update of donations to the ISSA TRUST FOUNDATION on behalf of TEAM CSA 2012:


    Grand Total to date: $8,065.00.

    The children of Jamaica thank you.

    You guys are the best.

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    Thanks to all who have viewed this thread. Over 250 views. Remember, anyone can donate to the ISSA Foundation at any time.

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