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    Default Getting picked up from another resort?

    Hey folks, we're going to be at a family wedding at another Jamaican resort (with kids) for the first part of our vacation. Leaving the kids with grandparents and heading to CSS mid-trip. We'd like to save a few hours and not have to transfer from the family resort back to airport then get on the Couples shuttle back past the first place we stayed, then onto CSS.

    In short, can the Couples shuttle pick us up at the family resort on the way from airport to CSS?


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    Not sure but probably not.

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    You know, I've never heard that request asked but I really can't imagine that Couples would make a stop at another resort. If I were you I'd just hire someone to take me to CSS. We often do a few nights at a non Couples resort before heading to CSA and have always booked our transfer ourselves. No problem.

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    Not sure where you are staying, but one of the nice things about Couples transportation is that it is Couples Resorts only, so no extra stops while you are on your way to paradise. I would suggest finding private transportation and the resort you are staying at should be able to help you with that while you are there.

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    I would email the Romance Concierge or call the resort and ask them directly. You can get the numbers under contract us at the bottom of the page.
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    Couples won't pick you up at another resort, but you could ask the resort at which you're staying to arrange for transportation. You'd have to pay for it yourself, but certainly it would be worth the expense to avoid spending half the day on the road traveling to and from MoBay.
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    Not sure where you are staying, but we are doing something similiar. We are just taking a cab from the first resort to Couples, since they are both in Negril

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    Unfortunately, I believe the answer is no. I too will be at another resort for the 1st part of my trip to Jamaica and then going to CSA. I was told the only way to do the transfer would be to get a shuttle to the airport and from there pick up the shuttle to Couples. In a way, when you think about it, it is the most practical way. If the Couples shuttle had to make multiple stops to different resorts it would take twice as long to get to your Couples resort of choice. And who wants to prolong starting their vacation?! If you don't want to do the whole back and forth thing, then maybe you can consider a private transfer...unfortunately, that will be an extra cost.

    However, you decide...Enjoy your trip!! I know I will...18 days til Jamaica and 22 days til CSA!!!

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    The free transportation is only between Couples resorts and back and forth to the airport.

    You could hire a driver to take you over to CSS. If you are already in the area the fee won't be too much.
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    The answer is no. We tried last year to have them pick us up at a different place. We truely understand why they can't. Looked at hiring a driver but the cost at least for us was to expensive.

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    Thanks everyone, that's what I figured. Believe me, if we had to stop a few places on the way to CN last summer I wouldn't have been too excited myself. We'll look into our own transportation or just go back to the airport as early as we can so we can get to CSS !

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