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    My wife and i are going to css oct03-10 and are going to renew our vows on oct06. Originally we were going to do it at 1000 am but she wants to get her hair done and she will not have time. We want to do it on the beach but im am worried about "afternoon thunderstorms" i have heard talk about. The whole day is open til' 400pm. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I booked ours for 4pm.
    We saw many a 4pm wedding in our times at CSA.
    We also were married at 4pm at CTI so we wanted to keep the same day and same time.
    I would book the itme you want and not worry. You can't control the weather.

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    Have you thought about the wedding gazebo? Unless you have rain plus really strong winds, it should provide protection against inclement weather. We were married there a few years ago and found it an incredible space. We personally prefer it to the beach because of the privacy and the fact that it's a bit more unusual than the beach. It is, of course, up to you. It also may be possible to request (i.e. have set up) the beach ceremony and then move to the gazebo if necessary.

    When you get to the resort, you should have a meeting with the wedding coordinator, who can go over the options. I would say pick the time you want and just go from there.

    Whatever you choose (or what option is chosen for your by Mother Nature), I hope everything is as you hope. Have a great vacation!

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    Hard to say in October. I would do it just before lunch. I think that's your best bet for it not to rain. We will be at CTI at the same time and historically unless it's a terrible day it usually is dry untill mid afternoon.

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