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    Default Question about CSA Garden Verandah Suites

    Just making sure, does all Garden Verandah Suites have mini bars? I saw a review on TA and someone stayed in a room with no tv or mini bar, I know there are no tv's in the atruim and beachfront rooms, but what about mini bars? are they excluded in a certian catergory? I thought all the rooms had mini bars.

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    They all have mini bars. That sounds like a fake review. Did they give a low rating?
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    All rooms have mini bars. There is a small refrigerator for your water and mixers and bottles of liquor are supplied as per your pre check in request. You can always add something by filling out a request form in your room. Refrigerators are checked regularly to restock things you use. Couples knows how to treat their guests. All rooms except the Beachfront Suites and Atrium Suites have TVs and that is the way we like it as there are louvers and screens but no glass in the windows in these sections. If you try it you will love it.
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    It was probably an old review as they did not always have them.

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