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    We are so super excited about our vacation to CSA . We have exactly 27 more days to go, the count down is on! I've read all the reviews, looked at all the photos and videos and I must say, this will be " The Best Vacation Ever" Bags are already packed, itinerary is all planned out - Got my pre-tan going on - I'm ready! We have been planning our vacation for 2 years and now it's finally here. From everything I've heard, this will be the vacation of a lifetime. Happy Happy! Joy Joy! See you there... Lynda and James Mobile, Al

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    27 days and you're packed?? I've got 2 days and haven't packed. I have been working on the pre-tan for a month now. I've got so much to do but not off work yet! I need to go get a mani/pedi, hairdo, last minute shopping and then pack................................. in my mind I'm already there laying on the beach with a fruity drink.

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    Laying on the beach with my sweetie (James) with one of those Fruity Drinks , now that is a dream come true! My 1st so-called "pre-tan" peeled off & I had to start all over. And my last minute shopping, has been going on for the past 3 months. Gosh!! only 2 days left? I'm envious... Take lots of pictures and we hope that you have a great time!

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    Once you get there, let time slooow down, close your eyes a bit, smell the air, listen to the sounds and love every second. Believe me, that WON'T be hard!!! It is heavenly! But we don't go again until December..... so I have to live vicariously thru other until then.

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    Lsmith, my husband and I will be arriving 2 days after you. save us a spot on the beach!!!!..

    29 days and counting.

    Louise and James

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    13 days till cti. I've been waiting a very long year. But the past week just flew past me. 9 days in paradise. I've packed and repacked about a dozen times. Small controll issue :-)

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    June 29th can't come fast enough for us!! CSS here we come!

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