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Thread: May 2010

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    Default May 2010

    Hello everyone. My FH and I will be going to CTI in May 2010 for our Honeymoon. First time going to a Couples resort, so we are pretty excited. Anyone else going to be there in May?

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    Hi stef528. There are 4 couples I know of that will be returning to TI the first week/two of May. Several are Step/Dano, Tom/Amber (tomber), Sandy/Danny (Sandan)and Burt/Diana(wegonjamaica). This will be our third trip together and it gets to be more fun everytime.

    Keep posting and hopefully we'll see you in May.

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    We will be there May 17-27 I'm soooo excited!!!! Only 243 more days to go!!!!

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    My wife and I will be down there the 22-29 and it will also be our first trip. Looking forward to it.

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    Well looks like we will be seeing you there for a couple of days!! Now the countdown is 193 days! I can't wait..I'm soo excited!!

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    It's looking like we will be there May 14-21. Nothing like getting away from Ohio for a week!! We went to CSS last year and are on our personal quest to find our "home" in Jamaica!!
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    RnRMan32... we are from Ohio also, what city are you from??

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    We live near Tiffin, which is about 45 minutes south of Cedar Point. What about you?

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    We just bought a house so we now live in North Olmsted. We were living in Parma before that. I've met a few people from Tiffin bc I went to college at Bowling Green!

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    My husband and I will be there May 26- June 2
    Curtis and Donna Merriman

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    stef, I actually grew up about 15 minutes from there near Fairview Park. My wife was born much closer to where we live now. Small world. We'll maybe have to meet up to talk about the booming Cleveland area!!! LOL.

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    RnRMan, it is def a small world! When we were house hunting Fairview Park was one of our areas we were interested in, but nothing caught out eye. So North Olmsted we found our home in =)

    haha for Cleveland to be least we still have the Cavs! That is all that gets us downtown (besides work)

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    Stef, I hope you and your fiance play beach volleyball. Last May at CSS we had some great matches in the staff vs. guests games each afternoon! We're hoping the staff at CTI isn't as good! LOL

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    We haven't played volleyball since intramurals at BGSU, so its been a few years. But we are both into sports, so I'm sure we will be playing it, after suntanning and our cocktails!

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    Oh, you went to BG, huh?!? We both graduated from UT! Go Rockets! Are you guys on facebook? If so, look us up. Rob Chappell, I think in the Toledo section?

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    Hello!!! We are Josh and Megan from Mississippi!!! We are getting married on May 29, 2010! This will be my second trip out of the county, and Josh's first! We truly CANNOT wait!!! We will be at CTI resort from May 30, 2010-June 6, 2010! Wooooohoo!! We made our final decision this evening, and we are will be booking tomorrow with our local travel agent! Look forward to talking with you guys & hope to see you there!

    180 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Great Experience

    My girlfriend and I visited CTI November 24-December 1, 2009 and we had an amazing time. From the friendly staff to the beautiful weather, you couldnt have picked a better resort. Dont forget to do the Dunns River Falls and Sky Explorer. Dunns River Falls was our personal favorite. The resort has 4 different places to eat so you never get tired of the cuisine. Everything was above par and we will definitely return. In addition to everything, they have a bunch of water sports that are also included like: wakeboarding, skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, etc..
    We spent seven days here and there was plenty time for everything!! Be careful in Town Centre if you go there to shop. The locals can be a little pushy. Aside from that, what a wonderful experience!!!!!

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    Josh and Megan we fly in on June the 3rd. We look forward to meeting you. Megan and I went to CTI four years for our honeymoon and are now making our third trip. It seems like now that we are under two hundred days the countdown is going faster. I am sure that we will be there before we know it.

    Dustin and Megan

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    We will be there from May 04th – May 12th … By the looks of it we will have the place all to ourselves. Is no one else going at the beginning of May? We will be sure to warm the place up for you guys coming later in the month… Hopefully they will restock the bars for you… :-)

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    We will be there from 4/29 - 5/9 and are joining back up with about 5 or 6 other couples that we met last year (and the year before) at Couples. We spend our days on the Island, are you planning on trying the Island? Can't wait to be back home.

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    I am sure we will be trying a bit of everything. It is our first time in Jamaica and therefore Couples. We have no set plans for anything until we get there… We will just go with the flow and see how it goes. So to answer your question, probably but don’t know when…

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    Sooo excited to go! I wish we were leaving tomorrow! Only 156 more days!

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    [COLOR="Red"]*I meant "country"...not "county!"* That's too funny! We are not that sheltered!

    YYYYYYAY! 163 DAYS!!!! See you guys there![/COLOR]

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    144 more days... that's only a dozen days away, unfortunately repeated 12 times! Cold, snowy Ohio just can't compete with the paradise waiting with those "Changes in Latitudes."

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    We are Chad and Danielle from Georgia! I love seeing all the wonderful things people have to say about CTI. We are so excited about our honeymoom there.

    Josh & Megan -
    We are also getting married on May 29! We will be at CTI from May 31 - June 7. I hope we see you there!


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