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    Default Wedding planner-how soon do you need to make plans before arrival?

    I keep reading notes about people planning reception/rehearsal dinner, appts, etc months prior to their arrival, but when I contact the wedding planner they tell me to wait until I get there (3 days prior!) Am I missing something? We will have about 30 guests. I would love any feedback/ideas from other brides!

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    They told me the same thing, and I couldn't make any appts until I got there and met with the wedding planner the following day..which I felt made the process more stressful then it needed to be. I wouldn't worry about the salon appt, those are pretty easy to come by. We had a small amount of guests (8 total including us) so the only thing they would allow me to do is make the dinner reservation, because it says online you can book that, you just have to do it 30 days before your trip. Now, when we got there and I went to confirm it...our dinner reservation wasn't booked...which I freaked out about, but they were able to squeeze us it kinda worked out. I wouldn't worry too much!

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    They let me make the salon appointment already for our wedding in July.

    It's just us and one other couple so I am not to worried about booking reception, etc.

    @allison when are you getting married and at what resort? Maybe it's too far out for the salon? They let me do it about 90 days in advance and I am at CSS.
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
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    I am getting married at CTI August 25, 2012. My fiance's cousin is a hairstylist and makeup artist, so I won't need the salon. (so lucky!!) I am more worried about planning dinners and after the ceremony with so many of us.

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    @allison Not to worry. I got married last July on CTI. We had about 35 guests attend out destination wedding, and it was AWESOME!!! I honestly was freaking out and had no idea what to expect, but everything went great and far exceeded our expectations. Your wedding planner, will probably be Latoya. She was GREAT! If you have any specific questions or want to see pics of my wedding, you can email me offline: Best of luck! Jenny

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    We just got back from our vow renewal atCSA. Everything was wonderful, Except for the things we book before we got to the resort. Other then picking and paying for wedding g package I would wait until you get there. Best wishes.

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