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    Default Has anyone had a full reception with DJ, buffet dinner, etc?

    We are getting married on October 16th and are expecting about 28 guests. We booked a private reception, either on the beach or in a dining room depending on weather, and hired a DJ for 3 hours. We are also having a buffet dinner and full bar. Has anyone had a full reception? How did it work out? Did everything go smoothly? Please describe!


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    I wish i had the money for that! That sounds amazing!! We're doing a reception but just with drinks and apps. I wanted the dj but again, our budget wont allow it. So we'll probably just play music with our ipod and do cake/champagne in there as well.
    Please let us know how your reception goes, brenda! THanks

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    I'm so glad that you posted this question because I am interested in finding out the same thing. I am having a reception with a DJ and open bar etc... March 2011....! I wonder what type of music the DJ plays and if we choose a play list for them to play. Would love to hear a description of the reception as well....Thanks for posting.

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    I emailed Debbie Hall about the DJ, She said that he has a website and we can request a song list that way. I asked for his info a few months ago and she never got back to me. I just emailed her again yesterday, so hopefully I can get his contact information and start building a play list. I will pass on the info to you.

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    thank you Brendarn16....i would appreciate that

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    Lsykes, I am in the same position you were a couple of years ago with the private reception. I was wondering if you could tell me how it went? We will have about 30-40 guests, and I am doing a DJ, private reception, open bar, etc. just like you did. Do you have any pictures you could share? Which resort did you choose?

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    Me too! I am expecting 40-50 and can't decide what to do for a reception. I am not sure if it will be worth $90 a person for the private dinner or just having a longer "cocktail hour" with heavier appetizers, drinks and dancing.

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    I am planning our Nov. 26th wedding and am having trouble with this, too! I find it crazy to spend that much to eat and drink at an all inclusive resort. We are going to have 30 people, all staying at CSA, too. That is a lot of money, especially with the $200 set up fee that I just found out about. It's not in my price listings but I just got an email that said the private dinner has a $200 set up fee and the cocktail party has a $95 fee.

    I have decided to do a cocktail party with dinner afterwards. She says our only option is to have dinner at The Palms or Patois. Our wedding is on a Monday and Patois is closed that day. Has anyone been to The Palms? I wish we could reserve tables at the more formal restaurants. Any thoughts?


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