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    Default Children at wedding ceremonies?

    Are children allowed at the couples resort? I am thinking of booking my wedding.

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    Have never seen children at a Couples Resort. Just adults enjoying time without their children.

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    They can't stay there. They can come for the wedding but have to leave right after. I'm not sure if there is a fee or not. I have watched many weddings and never seen any children, not trying to discourage you but it is an adults only company but You do have to get permission from management.
    Our wedding was the best so I hope it works out for you. It was the best decision we ever made.

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    It's a ADULTS only and COUPLES resort.... please give a lot of thought to the other guests there who picked Couples resort for that exact reason.

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    Children are fine for the ceremony, but only that - they have to leave right after. You might have them stay at one of the family resorts like Beaches with family and come over for the ceremony. This is a wonderful place for a weddingmoon - and they can have fun elsewhere with others but still be part of the ceremony!!
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