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    For all who are not sure if the money spent for a vacation at couples is worth it definitely yes.
    My husband and I have been going to Couples since 2005. Last week i went away with 3 girls from work.
    I knew from the start that this would be a different vacation. we went to the Dominican. It was a last minute deal for a girls getaway. We had a blast but i found myself comparing everything to my Couples experience. The resort and the rooms were lovely. the beach was much like CSA but for those of you who are bothered by the vendors here they could come up right to the pool area and the beach restaurant.In my mind they are not bothersome at CSA but I was getting a little annoyed here. I know I go on and on to my friends about Couples and this is the first time in awhile that i have ventured away but it made me realize that much more why I am such a fan of Couples resorts. can't wait for Mar 2013.

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    brennie - I notice by your profile that you are just down the 401 from us! We are in Kingston.

    Couldn't agree with you more. We also made a trip to the Dominican in February to surprise a couple at the resort they were at. We had a lovely, swim out room, and the grounds and beach were beautiful, but it was a 1900 room resort, and the meals were anything but relaxing, the food not the best, the service quite poor, and they were packed in on the beach like a can of sardines. It was so not like the wonderful relaxing experience at Couples. We have been to CSA twice, but have found our "home" at CSS. We are in awe of the sheer beauty of this resort, and we have grown so close to the wonderful staff there. We just came home from one of the best holidays ever at CSS, and have booked for December to renew our vows, and also for next April. I'm not sure where you could go to find a better all over experience than Couples. We love it, and we are always telling everyone how wonderful it is to be there.

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    I went to an AI at Punta Cana and it was simply horrible. The interesting part is that people raved about it on Trip Advisor. Maybe they had never been to a good resort. Not only did we not like the resort we really didn't care for the country nor their attitude toward tourist.

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