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    Default How many times???

    We are a couple from Canada and we chose Couples San Souci for our honeymoon last October. The big thing that helped us make that choice was the repeat business that Couples has, unlike anything else out there, and I have looked.
    We have only been once, but have 2 more trips back "home" to CSS booked already. I have family that have been as well, at CTI, and they say the same. Once you go, you know!!!
    Wanted to know what the record is, or even how many times you have been back "home" to your favorite Couples resort.

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    Been twice...once at CSS (April 2010) and CN (April 2012)...both were excellent vacations and no real complaints on either sides...However, we are booking our vacation to Couples next year at the CSS! I guess it's true that you fall in love with your first resort...CN was great...awesome staff and still very room of the two...but our heart lies at CSS. The grounds are amazing with so many special places to make your own. Loved it...

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    One couple that's goes as often as they can to SweptAway have logged well over one-year's worth of stays, I believe... more than 52 weeks.

    I've spoken to this couple, and they are not what I'd call wealthy... but they've got their priorities very straight and did well in the market and bailed out of it before the crash. Fortunate? Absolutely; but I certainly aspire to be like them if our cards are dealt well. We return for visit number 10 in 3 weeks!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We have been to CSA five times and have visit number six booked for January 2013. Can you tell we are hooked. First trip was in 2008 and we haven't ventured anywhere else since. We are thinking of doing a CSS/CSA split in 2014.

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    Traveled to Couples 76 times. 1 time to CSS, 11 times to CN, and the other 64 were to Tower Isle(1970,1973), Couples Ocho Rios, (first time in 1978) and the rest to CTI. We did have lunch twice at CSA during those CN trips.

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    Hi novastar!
    We are headed back to CSS for our 5th visit in July! Since our first trip in February 2010, we have been fortunate to make it back twice a year--July and December. We love CSS and particularly SSB! We love it so much we haven't been able to take advantage of Trading Places at CTI because we're afraid we won't like the Island and will have missed our time at SSB!!!! I think this trip we will be brave and sign up for Trading Places....I will make sure I bring along cab fare just in case we want to come "home" early!

    CSS was my first choice because my hubby loves AN, and that's why I chose CSS. If I was going to embrace the AN lifestyle I wanted to do it in private! CSS and SSB gave me all that and so much more! I don't think we will every venture to another resort when seeking a tropical vacation. We have truly found our Jamaican "home."

    All the best,

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    I doubt very much if any of us ever thought that we would be feeling this way about a Caribbean resort. The first time was just suppose to be a wonderful new experience, in a new country, at a fantastic resort. That's all any of us imagined. But, as we now know, it turned out to be so much more than that. And for so many people.

    We just came back from trip 33 to CTI. It was, as always, all the things that we wanted it to be. Great ambiance. Great food, drinks, friends and a whole lot more. We are booked for November of this year and for April 2013.
    The whole vibe of Jamaica seems to get into your system. It makes you mellow. It gives you space to breath, clean fresh air.

    We never had any intentions of racking up years of going to Jamaica. In fact, we never thought we would ever get back for even a second trip. Really crazy.

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    5th trip is booked for CSA and once to CSS.

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    We have been to CN4 times now, and also to Sans Souci once before Couples took it over.

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    We are getting ready to return for our 3rd trip to CSA next month. We first went in 2009 and I remember thinking before that trip, where we could go the following year - couldn't imagine going to the same place twice. We loved it so much, we returned in 2010 and got engaged. We totally get it now. We know how everything "works" now and for a girl that can have anxiety issues, that helps a lot. Plus, we just plain love it. Knowing we get to spend 10 days in our little slice of paradise with no worries except when to eat, when to nap or when to move from the beach to the pool. lol

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    We have been to CSA twice, and CSS 5 times, with two more trips booked to CSS - the first week of December to renew our vows, and the second week of April next year. I guess it's easy to see where our heart is drawn to! We have been to a number of other resorts other than Couples, but Couples has become our "home". Why?? We love CSS for many reasons, with probably the two most important being the romantic beauty and peacefulness of the resort, and the oh so wonderful staff that we have become very close with.

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    CSA 19x, 20th already booked for April 2013.

    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
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    Headed back to CSS & SSB for our 4th time in late Aug!!!! Been to 3 or 4 other Jamaica resorts, but haven't found anything better for us yet.

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    My bride and I have been to CN 4 times, once a year for the last 4 years, always in February. We are going to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in October, so when I said where do you want to go to celebrate I was not surprised when she said Couples, I was surprised when she said Swept Away. She wants to try it out and since this will be our second trip this year and it is a special event, I said OK. 2013 we will not go to CN at our normal time, but will probably go in early March or April. Love Couples.

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    swept away, 34 times, but it always seems like our first time when we go back.

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    On our first trip to CN we met this couple who were there on trip#7. I thought that was unbelieveable! Well now we are looking forward to our #7. I dream about this place. There are only a few places that I have ever been that absolutely take me over and suck me into the vibe and feel. New Orleans is one. CN is another.

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    CTI once, CSS once, CN once, CSA 4 times... Planning trip 5 to CSA soon....

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    We are getting ready to return to Couples for our sixth trip this Oct and have already booked #7 in 2013. We started out with 5 nights in 2007 at CSA, 7 nights in 2008 at CSA, 10 nights in 2009 at CSA, 11 nights in 2010(4 at CTI due to hurricane at CSA and then 7 nights at CSA), 19 nights in 2011--7 nights at CSS and 12 nights at CSA. This year it will be 12 nights at CSA 2012 and next year 2013 it will be 7 nights at CN and 7 nights at CSA. This year we will be renewing our vows--been married for 40 years--can't wait to return home to PARADISE!

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    59 days til our first visit to CSS and I'm sure not our last!! June 29-July 5th.

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    CSA, trip # 19 commin up in 2 weeks.

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    Trip #12 begins in 40 days for our 38th anniversary. With 3 others book for the next 18 months. We Didn't discover the magic of Couples Resorts until our 30th. Now if the budget permits it's two trips a year.

    Been to CTI, CN,CSS. Heading to CSS this June. Just wonderful. Ire...

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    CTI was our first vacation and we fell in love. We went six more times and probably never would have gone anywhere else, but the resort was still shut down for renovations when it was time for our trip so we tried CSS and fell in love with that too!!! Since then we've split our annual trip between CTI and CSS and we get the best of both worlds. We've now finally hit the point where we can do 2 trips a year, so we'll be at CSS for our anniversary in August for our 12th trip and then again in January for our 13th.

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    Went to CN after years of wanting to at a time we both really needed to get away ... and we fell in love. That said, we also wanted to explore the other properties, so ended up going to CTI and CSS ... headed to CN again for trip #4 later this year and have CTI booked next spring for trip #5 ... we are lucky we have been able to go each year ... someday, would love to go longer than a week at a time. Also, plan to go to CSA one of these trips ... nowhere else has my husband ever said to me that the lines in my face disappear while we are there ... thank you, Couples!!!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    ...we too now split between CTI and CSS - the best of both worlds! 10th time for us in a few days time. We now stay for 7 and 10 nights as we have a long journey - that is our excuse.

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    June 9th through 19th (very soon) is my husband & my 3rd trip to CN. I look forward to years and years of trips to CN. LOVE IT nothing like it and CANT WAIT wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo Dorene & John
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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