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    Default Tell me about your room CSA...the good, the bad, and the ugly

    Tell me which room you had at CSA please. I'm leaning toward booking an atrium but i want to hear others' opinions about the rooms they had. What did you choose and did you love it and why or why not?

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    We stay in the Beachfront Suites in an upstairs room. Very large balcony with amazing views of the water and sunsets while being only a few steps from the beach. Being upstairs gives you much more privacy when sitting out and a bit more security for items you may leave outside. Like the Atrium Suites they have screens and wooden louvers but no glass in the windows. This allows you to hear the night time sounds of Jamaica as they lull you to sleep. Neither of these room types have TVs just as we like it. My son stayed in an Atrium Room #2228 and that is one, of if not the only, Atrium building that can get a water view. The Atriums are the row of buildings behind the Beachfronts. The balcony is large and has less chairs but it does have a hammock. The problem was the bathroom walls do not go up to the ceiling in the Atrium so if you, like my son and his girlfriend, do not want to share bathroom sounds then you have to take turns out on the patio when it is occupied. Bathrooms are a good size in both with walk in large shower stalls. The beds are very comfortable. Try to get these rooms in the middle of the resort away from morning noise at restaurants on either end or late night noise from the entertainment venues. If the room is listed as a Suite only it is in the old section and will match the above description. If it has the word Veranda in it then you are in the new section with larger buildings, glass, and TVs but much smaller balconies. I have never been inside one. Avoid the Garden rooms as they are near the main road and those cars and motorcycles can be pretty noisy as the fly by.

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    Beach front verandah suite. LOVED it The location is perfect. Sunsets are amazing from your verandah. The only gripe I have and mind you it is very petty! The hair dryers are crap So, I bring my own! Be back in 11 days and a wake up! Staying in an Ocean view this time as the BFVS were booked up.

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    We love the atrium it would be our room of choice . The Good : really does look like the pictures, they have add a mini bar, NO TV, feels very tropical, and private, AC works great, huge veranda, if your lucky a ocean view, and that hammock......

    Bad: few ants, and the lighting in bathroom is not so good.

    Ugly: The only thing we didn't care for is the wall to the bathroom doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, at least on the top floor. So not alot privacy in there. We would just make the other go spend some time in the hammock.
    Any room at Couples is a good room

    78 days till we are in an Atrium for the thrid time.

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    We are booked for our sixth trip to CSA in four weeks (YAY!!) and are staying in an Atrium suite for the second time. We had stayed in the Ocean Verandah suites the first four visits. The biggest differences are the age of the rooms, Atriums are showing a bit more age; no TV in the Atriums, hammocks on the Atrium's verandah, the Atriums seem to be roomier but that could be just our perception, Atriums have the screened windows with adjustable shutters. The decor and appearance of the rooms is very similar, and of course the price of the Atriums is a bit lower than the Verandah suites.

    We were very happy with both room categories but have chosen the Atrium rooms because the dollar savings does help out a bit in offsetting the rise in flight costs the last couple of years.

    I don't think you would be disappointed in any room if this is your first trip. However you will surely be looking over the other room locations and differences while you are there with an eye towards future trips.

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    What are the chances, that mine and mine soon to be husbands name are also Dave and Tricia, spelled the same way as your I had to do a double take... our first trip is in 22 days so I have no input, but how neat about our names!!

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    I like the verandah suites rooms, and we usually do the garden because its cheapest (and the most private in my opinion because fewer people walk by there). There are only 3 types of rooms, just ones in different locations. (Beach, Middle, Road). I have nothing negative to say about them.
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    We have stayed in both the beachfront verandah suite rooms and the Greathouse jacuzzi suite room. Although we really enjoyed the GHJS room, it is very hotel-like compared to the other rooms in the resort. But it sure was nice having a jacuzzi in the room!

    We love that the BFVS rooms are right on the beach. We really do spend a lot of time on our verandah reading, relaxing, watching the sunset, having a drink, eating breakfast. There is just something about waking up practically on the beach. As you can see, we LOVE the verandah.

    My biggest gripe about the BFVS rooms is the lack of drawer space. There is a large wall unit with shelving where you can store your clothes. I would much prefer a chest of drawers or two. There are a about four drawers total in the room. It would also be nice if there was a place to stash stuff in the bathroom. Everything just goes on the sink. Not a big deal for us, but that's about the worst of it in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smalltowngirl504 View Post
    What are the chances, that mine and mine soon to be husbands name are also Dave and Tricia, spelled the same way as your I had to do a double take... our first trip is in 22 days so I have no input, but how neat about our names!!
    HaHa! this made me smile! What are the chances? Lots of Daves out there but not too many Tricias....especially spelled that way! What room did you decide on? I'm jealous that your trip is so soon! We have to wait until March. Is your wedding going to be at couples?

    I really appreciate everyone's advice. I'm trying to decide between atrium and beachfront verandah suite? I'm a little concerned about the foot traffic by the beachfront. But from what everyone says...except some really negative reviewers on trip seems all rooms at couples are great.

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