Hello Randymon,

I just received this email from my travel agent. Why is the Travel Agent being told neither credit will apply for a "Holiday Booking"?


I'm working on this and I suspect it will take a month or so...
You have the great rate, yes...and Funjet's website, under the "Couples" property info...listed the $300.00 resort credit.

However, when I asked Funjet to check into the other credit, they just got back to me to tell me that, per Couples,
neither credit will apply for a "holiday" booking! They were quite surprised, as was I, since no restrictions are listed on the advertisement, which
is the same one they featured, without showing restrictions, on their website.

To me it's illogical that the promo would show a starting validity date of 12/26/12 when, in fact, they are blocking out the holiday season. In that case, the starting date shouldn't be until the first validity date in January.

So I'll be working with our local Couples rep to take care of this for you. It may take some time...but know that it's in process!


Nita Haas - Travel Specialist, Master Cruise Counselor
Viking Travel