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    Default Pregnant, still going to CSA Sept.. tips?

    Hello everyone,

    We booked our September trip to CSA last month, well two days ago we found out that we will be expecting our first family member early December.

    My partner offered to cancel the trip as I wasn't sure if it would be worth it or if I would be able to handle it... Well today I decided we are going through with the trip! Westjet doesn't have any issues with pregnant women flying so off we go! I am super excited but worrying about all the little things.. Ive read to stay away from salad bars and the like, really? I'm also wondering if any of your wonderful people have any tips for me that I haven't even considered. I know I'm definitely going to enjoy the food

    I guess I'm just nervous and would truly appreciate any comments/concerns

    Thanks Guys.


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    Why be nervous, I have seen moms to be on every single trip to CSA we have taken (6 trips). Go have Janet at seagrapes make you some fruit smoothies (best at CSA). Relax and enjoy, you will not feel out of place at all.

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    Kalyn, go and enjoy yourself because who knows when you you'll be able to do this trip again... some call it a babymoon. Once your little one is here and breathing, your life will change, for the better, and your priorities will change, focusing on your new addition.
    On a different note, I have a friend who is looking for a place in red deer for school for 8 weeks. If you know anyone who has a room available, please let me know. You can contact me directly at
    Enjoy your trip in September....

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    Since you're flying Westjet I take it you're from Canada. In the Toronto Star this past week was a story of a couple from toronto who travelled to Jamaica earlier this month and while there her water broke.She was 24 weeks with twins. She is back in Toronto and all is well. Not to deter you from going as my daughterinlaw went around the same time in her pregnancy as you will be and had a great time. Just be sure you have good travel insurance as anyone should when travelling. Eat whatever you want without any worries. The food is delish. Enjoy your time with each other as soon you'll have a little one and quiet time with each other will be hard to come by for a few years.

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    Congratulations! I would think the fresh salad bar would be great. I'm not a mom, ok I have fur babies but I think I have read to avoid Jacuzzis. Relax and enjoy your trip!

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    I went on a beach vacation once when I was 14 weeks and once when I was 28 weeks. Had a great time both times. The first time when I was only 14 weeks it rained most of the week - only got one day of sun and did not notice anything different. The second time when I was 28 weeks we had perfect weather but I found out the hard way I was MUCH more sensitive to the sun than usual. I usually put on 30 in the morning and reapply onyl after going in the ocean - had the same routine but I was bright red after the first day. My advice go, have a good time but stay in the shade.


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    Thank You all so much for the advice. My mind is starting to relax.. Being this is my first time and all, my mind is going over a zillion things that could happen.
    I'm glad you mentioned the sun, I never even thought about that.
    I am so excited about fruit smoothies made with Jamaican fruit!! mmmm!

    We did purchase the travel insurance through Couples, just in case.

    I really appreciate everyone's comments. Really helped to put my mind at ease. On that note: Keep em comin

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    We went on a cruise when I was about 18 wks pregnant with our fourth.(On cruises they won't let you go if you are past 24 wks) It was our "babymoon". We figured with 3 kids and another on the way we should take some time alone together cause it was gonna be a while til we could. The only negative I would really cite is they probably won't let you do some of the excursions. Other than that enjoy! Eat whatever you want, except stay away from the sushi! And limit any fish that has high levels of mercury, and of course alcohol. Being able to eat without feeling guilty is one of the best parts of being pregnant!Even though going on this trip while pregnant isn't ideal, you will be glad you did it! Have a great time!

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    I went to CSA (in Sept 2010) when I was 23 weeks pregnant. I snorkeled, ate everything but alcohol (and I don't like fish), and had a wonderful time. I worried about all sorts of things prior to going, of course, but it went smoothly and was a fabulous trip. I do tend to get a bit more motion-induced nausea when pregnant, so the shuttle ride there was a bit rough for me. Also, start looking for stuff to wear earlier in the summer....we didn't book until late August and finding things like maternity swimwear was challenging. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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    Thank you for all the supportive words! i'm feeling much better about this. A very good point shopping for maternity wear in the summer, I am a procrastinator and leave all my shopping to the last minute. I will make sure I get out there this summer to find some clothes. The plane ride is always the toughest part for me lol 6 hours of talking myself into being calm

    I'm getting more excited by the day!

    Again, Thank You Everyone!

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    I don't have any pregnancy travel trips, but wanted to say congratulations My husband and I will be going to CSA for our first time on Sept 14-18 for a late honeymoon (we were married this past weekend)! Maybe we'll see you there.

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    I would stay out of the hot tub - ask your doctor about it before you go and there are plenty of virgin drinks there - have fun

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    HCofty- My husband and I were also married this past weekend and will be going to CSA for a late honeymoon Sept 14-22. Maybe we will see you there

    KayNJay- When will you be there? I'm a high risk antepartum/OB RN. The best thing to remember is to rest yourself. A hot day in the sun can lead to dehydration and dehydration can lead to contractions, so make sure you stay hydrated and rested.

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    On our last trip there was a group of 3 couples we met, 1 of whom had recently found out she was pregnant. She didnt have as much fun at the swim up bar but she still enjoyed herself on the beach and go to do everything else.

    See if they offer a prenatal massage.

    My wife got pregnant and we cancelled our trip this year because she didnt think she would have as much fun. Now we both wish we hadnt.
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    Thank you everyone for the well wishes! We will be going Sept 21-28, I hope we will get to say hello before you guys leave!

    As for the hot tub I only like to dip my legs and feet in otherwise I get too hot

    I will definitely make sure to get lots and lots of water and rest, no early contractions for me I hope

    Again thank you for all the suggestions and comments!

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    @Mandee - we'll likely be somewhere under the shade...I'm a redhead, lol Hope to see you there!

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    congrats! im trying to convince my hubby for one more trip to couples before our next one is due in january. have an amazing time!!!

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    Thank You and Congrats to you as well!! I hope your convincing goes well I just keep counting the days!

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    Default All The Best !!

    All the very best for your trip!! Enjoy a lot!! and also many many congratulations to you !! I would think the fresh salad would be really helpful!!!

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    Ummmm....I'm not pregnant, nor have I ever been, but you may want to talk with your doc to be sure you're OK to travel and stay in a beach resort community without easy access to a hospital....not to put a damper on your plans (and we've seen our share of pregnant women at CSA), but I'd think an honest conversation with your OB would really put your mind at ease.

    If you do choose CSA for your babymoon, I'm SURE you'll have a great time!

    Oh, and FYI, the last time we were at CSA, I think the Spa offered a massage geared toward pregnant women, so that might be a fun thing to investigate!

    Enjoy, and CONGRATS on the new addition to your family!!

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    I'll be at CSA this April/May and will be 25 weeks preggo with my first. ENJOY IT!!! They make great virgin drinks and the food is amazing! Very easy to eat healthy at CSA too!

    Not sure why you'd stay away from the salad bar. Unlike Mexico, the water in Jamaica is not only perfectly safe, it's actually some of the most filtered in the Caribbean.

    Also, talk to your doctor! Mine has no worries about it - just no scuba obviously, wear lots of sunscreen, drink lots of water, no bumpy boat rides. Common sense stuff. Enjoy it!
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    KayNJay - how was your trip? And how is the baby?!

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