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    Hi Everyone!

    My soon to be husband and I are coming to Couples Swept Away in June 2012. We are staying in the Beach Front Veranda Suite, 1st Floor! We've never done anything like this and are a bit nervous!

    We were just wondering what advise you may have and if you have any tips!?


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    Just keep doing what you're doing... cruise the Message Board... your question has been asked many times before and there have been a LOT of good conversations. You're gonna love the place!

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    Have fun but don't drink too much... It is very easy to do...

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    Oh and have a lychee at the martini bar
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    Congratulations you will love CSA but don't get too excited about a first floor. You can request one but no guarantees. I hope you get what you want but you are just guaranteed the room catagory. Make your request when you arrive and they will try to accomadate.

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    Please tell us what you are nervous about. The BFVS is the best room in my opinion. Just to let you know, the location/floor of the room is given at check in.

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    I'm jealous the Beach Front Verandah Suites 1st floors are my favorite. Step outside and your right on the beach. I'm not going till next yr in March, but had to down grade to a GVS due to the higher price in winter months. Well for one you picked the best room in a great all inclusive so I don't think you should be nervous, you made a great choice !! The Beach Front Verandah's are located a little more towards the swim up bar, Patios and night club. But that really doesn't matter everything is not that far.
    Relax and you will have a wonderful time. If you have any specific questions ask , Iv'e been to this resort 3 times going on 4 and every experience was great.

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    Have fun and just be romantic. You are in a great room and resort.

    Life is good

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    We booked our room about a year ago through a Travel Agent, do you think it's a guaranteed thing doing it that way?

    We are both pretty picky eaters and haven't tried a lot of exotic stuff. Any suggestions on what to try?

    I've never seen/been in the ocean and we are snorkeling, any tips?

    Last thing, we thought about Ziplining, good idea or no?

    Thanks for your help everyone!

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    We booked our room about a year ago with a Travel Agent, do you think it will be guaranteed doing it that way?

    A few other questions! We are pretty picky eaters, any good suggestions or favorite dishes?

    Also, we are going snorkeling and maybe ziplining! Good ideas? Any tips?

    Thanks for all your advise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by junebride12 View Post
    We booked our room about a year ago with a Travel Agent, do you think it will be guaranteed doing it that way?

    Thanks for all your advise!
    Nope, I don't. Not even a little bit. Sorry, but you have an issue that needs to be worked out with your travel agent. Couples only guarantees the room class. You can ask for a certain floor or location when you are checking in, but you may or may not get it. There is nothing your TA can do to change this. I hope you are not disappointed. We have been on every floor and loved each one.

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    They have so many food choices, you will not go hungry We love the snapper tacos and sweet potato chips @ Sea Grapes, the appetizer for 2 and pad thai @ LemonGrass, the buffet @ The Palms always has a huge variety of things and Patois has never disappointed! We actually eat most of our dinners at Patois because it is not buffet and requires no reservations! Menu changes daily as well. Beach grill has yummy burgers n fries and ONION RINGS, jerk chicken-yummo!
    Snorkeling will be fun, glad to hear you are going for it as you have never seen the ocean before! Bring some banana with you from the buffet, the fish love it Have not ever ziplined, but I say go for it!!! I would call the 800# for Couples just to confirm your reservation. I am sure it will be fine, just smart to confirm. You are going to be in heaven with the BFVS

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    Spiff is correct, you get what is available at check-in. Request all you want but dont be a problem or upset if you don't get what you want. The front deak staff try very hard to give you what you want but...if the room is not avaialbe, it is not avaiable... Just take what you get and have a wonderfukl time, all the rooms are amazing...

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    Thank you SO much! This helped a lot! )

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    We did the zip line tour April 18th and had a great time!! We booked it online through Viator paid around $80 US well worth the 1 1/2 hr ride!

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    I booked a BFS, are you guys saying a BFVS is better?

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    The BFS have a huge verandah and no TV. I have only stayed in a BFVS. I have wanted to book a BFS, but they are always gone. BFS are closer to the Palms, while BFVS are close to Patois/swim up bar and grill. I think either one is the best

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