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    Default Why You Should Pack a Carry-On

    Just returned from 8 fabulous days at CSS, and our trip was fantastic even though American Airlines decided our luggage should stay in Miami, rather than be sent to Montego Bay.

    Before leaving, I packed a carry-on with an extra set of clothes for me & my husband, as well as a bathing suit for each, toiletries, and small (3 oz) bottles of sunscreen, and all our small essentials (iPod charger, sunglasses, hats).

    So when we arrived at MBJ and discovered our larger pieces of luggage did NOT, we were fine. No problem, mon. We left on the bus, arrived at CSS, and began our vacation immediately. Hit the beach, dined at Pallazina, went to the Balloon Bar. AA tracked the luggage and sent it on a later flight, so eventually our pieces showed up at the Bell Desk (after 10:30pm!).

    Big shout-out to Margaret in Guest Services for kindly harassing American Airlines until they delivered our luggage. She did this so we could have a worry-free day. She is *wonderful*.

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    Fortunately, we have never had that experience, but it sure emphasizes the importance of putting some essentials in the carry on! And we 100% agree with your statement about Margaret - she is one terrific person!!! We miss her a lot!

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    Good for you FlynnStone! Our first trip to CN was tarnished for 3 days waiting for a lame airline (who shall go nameless...but begins with D and ends with elta) to deliver our checked bag. The next 3 trips went smoothly as we brought the essentials carry-on.

    I am a stubborn man and will avoid that airline from now on (successfully avoided for trips 2, 3 and 4).

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    Losing your luggage is NOT a good thing. Had that experience when we went on a cruise in February. Our essential piece of luggage with all our personal items and casual clothes ended up on another ship going the other way and there was no way to get it to us at sea. Kinda stressed us out for a couple days and wasted our day in Nassau because we had to go shopping for shorts and bathing suits and such. We will definitely be packing some essentials for our trip to CSS in the carry on for sure.

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    Being a contact wearing couple, we *always* make sure to pack a carry-on with at least our glasses, contact cases, and a 3oz bottle of the overnight solution, plus a couple changes of clothes. Basically, enough so that if our luggage does get lost, we're not going to have to go scampering to find a drug store or something to get supplies!

    Considering we've really only flown a couple times now, we've at least won the luggage lottery every time (nothing lost or delayed yet!)


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    We also pack essentials in our carry ons for this reason, but I won't go strictly carry on. I need my "stuff" and I can get through the airport much quicker if all I have is my essential carry on. It fits under the seat in front of me, so I can grab and go.

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    We have gone 2 years with just packing everything in a carry on. Those luggage plastic bags that squish everything work great. We even have room to bring other stuff home. The best part is we print our boarding passes at Couples and just walk through security.

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    Our luggage got left in Charlotte, NC on our honeymoon! We had everything but bathing suits. We decided it was a good time to try Tower Island! No problem, we were set till the luggage arrived the next day!
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