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    Default Counting Down the Days...

    Can finally start the Double Digit Dance. 99 days until we are back at CN for our 30th anniversary. Booked the trip last June when we were not able to go after going to CN in '09 and CSS in '10. What a long wait. Now if we can only hurry up and get to the single digit dance.
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    Tim and Jane,

    We are right there with you, started doing the double digit dance today. WooHoo, CN here we come.
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    We are doing the double digit dance too! 94 days for us until our first visit to CTI
    Susan and Steve

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    I remember when it was that long till our trip I could hardly wait, now only 8 days for our first trip to COUPLES!!!!! and anticipation is only getting worse!!!

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    We are at 101. Looking forward to being there during Jamaica's Independence day. Have you heard of any festivities going on? See you at CN!

    Jim and Angela

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