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    Default Single Digit Dance!!! Woooooo-Hoo, Y'All!!! TOES/Zac Brown Band

    9 Days till Sun and Sand at CN!!!

    I swear we were just hooting at having only 99 days and now look at us!!! The warm smiles and Jamaican sunshine are gonna SOON COME, for me and my baby.

    Have y'all heard the song "Toes" by the Zac Brown Band?

    I've been listening to them a lot lately. That song sums up where my head is at these days...

    At work, my co-workers are giving me a hard time for slipping onto "island time" a little early this time round.
    Palms blow around on my desktop while my "Jimmy Buffett" Pandora station plays softly through the office. The Western NC mountains in spring time is beautiful...but they are all starting to look like palms in summer to this mountain boy.

    (If you haven't heard "Toes" yourself a favor and think your island thoughts and give this tune a listen)


    We are so super excited!!! (We are packed

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    Try this one...

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    Hi Asheville

    We arrive ahead of you on the 24th for our 11th trip. Speaking of "Toes", a few years ago we met another couple from the Asheville area while at CN and wondering if you have seen a band called Ten Toe Turbo playing around the area? That would be our old friend Tony who still sends us e-mails as to when and where they are appearing. If you get the chance to go out to see them you will have to talk to Tony (& wife Kay) and let them know that Mike & Jean from Wisconsin say hi.

    See ya at the pool bar!

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    Haha I love that song and plan to have it playing on my ipod when we're flying into Jamaica in less than 2 weeks. "Not a worry in the world, a cold drink in my hand... life is good today". And it really will be when I set foot on Jamaican soil.

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    Toes is a great song!! I have also been listening to it and Marley and Buffett getting in an island frame of mind. We arrive right after you on 4/28!! 9 days now for us!! 4th trip to CN

    Jeff and Patti
    Springfield Il

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    "Gonna lay in the hot sun and roll a big fat one and...grab my guitar and play"
    (Oh Hell Yeah!)
    ONE week to go!!!

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    Asheville, Hope you have a great trip. We are jealous, we have 117 days left. But roll one for us.... Good luck with your flight. C & R

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    I have a lot more than 9 days until we go, but I LOVE Toes, that is the ring tone on my cellphone. Have a wonderful trip

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    Knee deep in the water somewhere.....

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    Thx folks. Thanks so much. And High-5 5moremins...your wait will soon be over. Hey...I made a paper chain (red/green black...of course) and we pulled off a link each day. It made our wait go by that much faster. You guys might try it. It was fun to keep a visual on our countdown.
    Right now our chain only has 4 links left on it (yay!) but it started looping all over our living room way back when we booked our trip. (lol)
    Paradise soooooon come, baby!
    BTW..four more work days till we split! (The torture!)

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    Hello Asheville! We are your neighbors to the north from Southwest Virginia. Yes, our mountains are great. It is actually SNOWING here today After none through the winter. Your stay is at CN, correct? We will be at CSA during your time frame. Just a 5 day get-away for us, but hopefully enough time to get knee deep and plenty of time for toes in the sand. Have you seen ZBB live? I am a dedicated fan club member and have gotten to actually go to an eat-n-greet with them. They are very down to earth guys who appreciate their fans and the people who have supported them along the way. A good girlfriend and I went on their cruise a couple of years ago. The only thing that could have made that experience better was if we had went to Jamaica (it was Tampa to Grand Cayman). I actually flew out of Asheville for that trip!! Feel free to e-mail me at alexanderconstruction@msn. com if you want to talk further about our interests in common!! Negril soon come. (We will be at CSA the 26th through May 1)

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    All right...this is getting ridiculous. Day after tomorrow I'll be on an airplane headed to Negril and here I am sitting at my desk. As if my head could really be "in the game" of business... Yeah right. My head is in the clouds...My feet can almost feel sand between my toes. I'm really great at my job...but right now ...all bets are off. The sun is leaning in to shine on my face and I'm leaning in to get my face in the sun. I've checked the clock twice already and it's 8:30 in the morning.
    Oh set this southern boy free so I can go play in paradise already! My countdown paper chain with only two loops left on it no longer even looks like a chain. It's a little figure eight...hanging there...laughing at me...trying to see if I can live in the present while it dangles playfully hinting at the promise of 10 days of recharge/romance/and laughter. Evil little figure eight. Our in-laws are in town and seem excited about watching the kids while Mom and I dash away to our island home. I'm hoping we get out of town before their excitement wears off. Oh brutal'll soon lose your grip on me. I'm stealing my sweet, sexy, baby and blasting off for warmer shores in such a short time...Ahhh.
    High-5 Message board! Thanks for listening to me vent. I'm such a lucky man!!!

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    I knew there was a reason I took off 3 days BEFORE we leave for CSA tomorrow!! It wouldn't have been possible for me to actually work this week Still hope we can connect at the trading places either at CN or CSA. Wishing you safe travels and if all goes as planned we will be in Negril in about 16 hours!!!

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    18 hours to go! Thanks message board for keeping me busy while waiting for this much needed recharge. I promise to post pics and a review on our return.
    To all who still wait...hang in there kids. It will go by faster than you think.
    And for everyone who offered words of encouragement for my anxiety re: flying... I thank you especially.
    Much Love everyone!!!
    Asheville is en route to Western Jamaica in less than a day!
    ~R E S P E C T~

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