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Thread: july 2013

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    made final payment so must be less than 45 days til return home. CN, warm water and sun and good friends. priceless......

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    43 days and counting for the Canadian representatives! What a wonderful American welcome we've received on the boards so far. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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    Wheels up in three weeks! Got my UK mug ready (it's well broken in now) and can't wait to see everyone again.

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    We will be there 7/6-12. We are looking to do the One Love Bus Bar Crawl on 7/10 and visit the Office of Nature for some lobster. Anyone else interested in joining us? Btw- we are a young 38 & 40 yo couple.

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    20 days!!! Got our mugs packed already!! Wendy - I'm packing lots of sunscreen!! See everyone soon! Can't wait!

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    10 days until we are back!!!! First trip last year was so amazing we couldn't resist One slight problem though....We are farmers in the Midwest and we've had the wettest spring in 141 years (so they say!). My husband still doesn't have all of our crops in and we will have to postpone if things don't shape up REALLY soon!!! Praying like crazy that we will have our butts in our beach chairs soon!

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    SINGLE DIGITS!!! Suitcases are out of the attic and we're finally on the downhill run to returning "home" again. See everyone soon

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    Finally - single digits!!! 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes SINGLE DIGITS it is!!!!!!! 8 days from now should be drinking something at the swimup bar with chris and denny. waiting for jndp to buzz the resort in timair. by late that afternoon we should have 3/5s of our CNNB Coucil present. clothes are layed out everywhere. we i get off here it will be get the suitcases time. can't wait to be there and all to be together again!!!!

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    It is so hard to concentrate on work, thinking about how much we are looking forward to see everyone again, we will arrive a couple days early and make sure the resort is in top condition!!

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    Hi everyone

    We are Stewart and Judy from Atlanta GA. We will be at CN from 07/12 thru 07/17. We were there 2 years ago and had so much fun just had to go back. If anyone is going to be there during that time let us know so we can meet up for some drinks. Just 11 more days to go! Can't wait!!!

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    hey guys,

    well all pack and ready for our 6am flight. it will be a short night but probably wouldn't sleep much anyway. see all the CNNB Council soon!!

    safe travels!

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    We will be there on July 20th for a short 3 night stay at CN. Looking forward to sand gravity, sunsets and an evening on the cliffs.

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