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Thread: july 2013

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    hi all! my fiance and I just booked CN for our honeymoon! from these posts, it seems like there is a good amount of people there in july! so excited! we have never been to Jamaica or an all inclusive together! hope to see you all in July! any recommendations since it is our first time to couples or an AI?

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    dbauer13... Contrats on getting married. You have selected a wonderful place for your Honeymoon. We have been to Couples 8 times, with 3 trips to CN. Next July will be our 9th visit. You will find a lot of valuable information on this MB. If you have any questions, just post and you will receive a lot of responses. What dates are you going to be there in July? We are there from June 28 to July 6. We will be having a July 4th celebration in the pool. We are looking forward to meeting up with friends that we met at CN last year.

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    Hello all!
    It is somewhere around 240 days til all are back together again in Bloody Bay. It appears that our 1st full council meeting will be 7/6/13. There will be earlier informal meetings starting on the 3rd or 4th. The coucil members are as follows; TheMayor&Cathy, Jndp, Chris&Denny, Cands and wendymcc. A dinner meeting was held on 10/16/12 between TheMayor&Cathy and coucilcouple Chris&Denny to discuss a possible agenda for our 2013 meetings and our past meetings. However all descions require full coucil approval. Can't wait til July to see everyone again.

    The Mayor & Cathy

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    We had such a great time meeting with The Mayor & Cathy, they were such wonderful hosts We really can't wait for a full council meeting in July on the fun side of the hedges.

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    We had such a great time meeting with the Mayor & Cathy, it so nice to see them makes us long for July when we can see everyone again. We look forward to a full council meeting on the fun side of the hedges.

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    We are now down to the 230 day mark. Sorry we had to miss the first of many 2013 CNNB Council Meetings. Sounds like it was a great time. Checking into air fares we are looking at coming in a day early. It will be cheaper to be at CN and extra day and we would much rather give money to CN than AA. The sacrifices we are willing to make. As this will be an official CNNB Council Meeting I believe we can write off all travel expenses and I'm all about saving the tax payers money.

    For now we are off to Austin for the F1 event. Look for us, we will in the stands at turn 12!

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    230 doesn't sound so bad - until you have to add a couple more days to it! I would be willing to make some sacrifices too but I can't find the cheaper airfare y'all are talking about. Wish we could have been at the first Council Meeting!! The first full Council Meeting will have to be temporarily scheduled for 7-6-13 (until I change our arrival date)!

    Can't wait to se y'all!!!

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    To find the better airfare you have to arrive on July 3rd. We just changed our arrival date because of that. Also gives us a chance to celebrate the 4th festivities at the pool bar. CNNB Council Meeting convenes in 215 days. Cands hope your plans work out to join us.

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    Well - I've checked every airline around and no matter what day we leave the prices are the same. Think we might have to rebook the whole vacation in order to add on a day. Gonna have to do it before January 15th - that's when the current special runs out. I really hate giving up the extra $300 credit.........

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    OK everyone we are getting ready to rebook our trip. Will we come in on the 3rd or 4th??? Not quite sure yet but I've only got a few more days to decide!!!! Gonna sacrifice the extra resort credit.......

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    Well it's a done deal!!! We'll be arriving on the 4th!! Now to cancel the original reservation and find good flights.....

    Can't wait for the first official CNNB council meeting in July !!!!

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    We will be returning 'home' July 23rd-30th!!!

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    Hello ALL!
    SO happy we are coming home!!! We visited CN May 2011 and loved it!!! We met so many great people, the staff was amazing that we couldn't wait to return the following year... BUT when the following year came, (exact date we arrived the year before) instead of going back, we were welcoming our first child... Needless to say this new mommy and Daddy cannot wait to head back, relax and get some much needed SLEEP! We are coming in 6/30-7/6. Can't wait to meet everyone!!!

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    Our countdown has now reached 150 days!!! We can't wait to arrive in paradise after heading to work this morning with temps well below zero. Our stay is now 7/1-7/11.!!!

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    Hi Chris and Denny

    I have seen you guys on the message board many times. We have a love of CN in common.
    We will also be at CN around same time as you. You will enjoy the 4th of July party at the pool. The whole day is fun!Lots of great people there every year!
    Here's to getting through this winter season.

    Mariann and Jimmy
    Huntsville, Alabama

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    Hi Jim & Mariann
    Thanks for the invite we look forward the 4th of July party as it looks to be alot of fun. We will make sure to introduce ourselves. The winter season drags on here in Iowa just last nite 2"of snow.

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    Officially doing the Double Digit Dance. Sould be a great pool party on the 4th!

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    See everyone soon.

    Don and Jeanie

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    Jndp - thanks for keeping me up to date with the countdown - even though ours is a day or two longer

    Finally got our flights booked and we hope to make it to the pool for pics on the 4th. Can't wait to meet everyone and reconnect with great friends!!!!!

    Soon Come!

    Cindy and Shaun

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    Hey Everyone!! Ross and I just booked for July 9th to 16th. Hoping to make at least one counsel meeting with the Mayor.
    Ross and Wendy

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    Ross and Wendy
    So glad that you guys will be able to make it to some counsel meetings!!
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    The CNNB Council meeting has gone international! Wendy and Ross, glad you make your plans work out to return home again. We will be sure to save you a couple seats in your favorite area.

    See everyone soon.


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    We are looking forward to our 8th visit to CN. We will be there from July 19th to July 27th for our 21st anniversary. We will be arriving at MBJ at 11:30 and flying Tim Air into Negril.

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    Our countdown clock has reached 50 days !!! Time to start tanning!!

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    Our countdown clock has reached 50 days also!!!! great to hear we will have a full CNNB Coucil. It wouldn't be the same without our Canadian district representives!

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    We are so glad that the Canadian representatives will be able to attend this year
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