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    Default One Love Pub Crawl

    Anyone heard of this pub crawl stopping at CN? The main message board talks about CSA. We will be there May 27-June 3....anyone want to check it out?

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    We will be at CN the week before (May 19-26) along with others I know on here, but I might be interested in this one night. As our weeknight are getting filled up (Cat cruise, YS falls trip, etc.)

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    Yes, the pick up time is normally around 2:15om @ CN.

    I've not been on yet but from what I've read from the board here and also TA reviews, they say you can be picked up from ANY hotels in Negril.
    You just need to pre-book your space in advance and it runs every Wednesday and I hear that it is getting really popular and getting booked up, they are also putting extra days.
    Email Lenbert at bananaznegril AT to book
    Happy Holidays!

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    Thanks dogandchief! We have booked with Lenbert for May 30th from CN. Hoping more fun couples can join us!

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